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How To Go From Common To Confident With The 5 C’s

Oh the places you could go if you stopped living your life on the sidelines, unleashed the barrier breaker within and became a powerful presenter! How many of you feel you would benefit from being transformed from a common to confident professional? The truth is, following the status quo will make you invisible, stagnant in …

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How To Deliver A Kick-Ass Presentation

Let’s face it, public speaking can be so nerve racking. I remember I always used to fret before going on stage and the following thoughts would come to mind: What happens if I fall on my face as I am making my way to the stage? What happens if no one claps? What happens if …

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5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Speaking Engagements

Just before getting in front of your audience, a deep sense of connection with your topic comes over you and suddenly you pull together your confidence to share everything you’ve been working on. You’ve practiced your main talking points and are ready to use this opportunity to gain followers and potential clients. After going through …

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