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Jennifer Lehr Educates Couples On How To Create A Safe And Connected Relationship

Jennifer Lehr Educates Couples On How To Create A Safe And Connected Relationship 1. One sentence that describes what you do… I help couples create a safe and connected relationship with a low-cost DIY online educational program. Our relationships are among the best parts of our lives and having a great one is worth the …

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Coach Educator Interviews Relationship Coach

Jennifer Laurent Assists Women Post-Divorce Or Break Up To Let Go And Move On

Jennifer Laurent is a Transformation Coach assisting women post-divorce or break up to let go and move on. She combines a variety of modalities when working with clients to break through fears, get clear on goals, and create the life they desire. Read our interview with the lovely Jennifer below… What motivated and inspired you …

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Janet Shepherd Releases New Guide For Men On Understanding Women

After losing her husband of many years to cancer, Janet Shepherd in time realized that most men are navigating the dating waters with much needed guidance. She determined men question dating scenarios exactly the same way women do. Recognizing an opportunity and utilizing her expertise in styling, she began consulting with men in Chicago giving them …

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Diana Mandell Helps Singles All Around The United States Find Love And Keep Love

Diana Mandell was a hopeless romantic… who hopelessly fell in love with all the wrong guys. She didn’t realize until much later, after learning the hard way too many times and being betrayed by a close friend, that there was actually a skill set involved with being the right person and finding your best match. …

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