Jennifer Lehr Educates Couples On How To Create A Safe And Connected Relationship

Jennifer Lehr interview ladybossblogger female entrepreneur

Jennifer Lehr Educates Couples On How To Create A Safe And Connected Relationship

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1. One sentence that describes what you do…

I help couples create a safe and connected relationship with a low-cost DIY online educational program. Our relationships are among the best parts of our lives and having a great one is worth the effort.

2. The first thing I do when I wake up… (on a good day!)

Is sit up in bed and meditate for 15 minutes. This is followed by 5 minutes of journaling.

After that, depending on the day, I may dive into work or take a yoga class before diving into work.

My favorite yoga teacher is Djuna Mascall.

3. The quote I live by…

Came from the cartoon Underdog which I watched as a kid.

“If at first, you don’t succeed, try try again.”

This quote has a permanent place in my mind and psyche and has helped me persevere despite disappointments and challenges (of which I have had plenty!)

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4. My favorite business tools are…

5. On my bookshelf, you will find…

Some of Rhonda Byrne’s books including The Hero. This book is filled with stories of people who start with only a dream and created very successful lives. What is better than helping ourselves to believe anything is possible?

The Hero also includes one of Joseph Campbell’s quotes, “Follow Your Bliss.” I love this quote because I can get caught in perseverance and struggle instead of finding the joy in each moment. Following my bliss allows more magic into my life.

6. Every woman needs to try this at least once…

LoveWellness’s Killer (Boric Acid Suppositories) for a yeast infection. I recently learned of this product and intend to try it the next time I need to deal with a yeast infection.

When I have a choice, I’d rather use a natural product than a pharmaceutical. LoveWellness is a new company that features products for women’s health.

7. My favorite beauty brands and items…

I generally don’t wear makeup unless I am going out to a nice dinner. I do however oil pull to keep my teeth white and gums healthy. Oil pulling is an old remedy rooted in Ayurvedic medicine that uses natural substances to clean and detoxify teeth and gums.

I usually use coconut oil. When I use makeup, I generally go for Mac which is cruelty-free and was recommended to me by a makeup artist friend.

8. The best piece of advice I’ve ever received…

This is from my husband who has a very abundant and generous mindset.

“Abundance will get you further than scarcity.”

Do not be afraid to live from an abundance mentality. Abundance will allow you to be more generous and less fearful. It will help you contribute to a healthier world. Believing in abundance is a huge part of being successful.

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9. Daily things you do in your business…

My work revolves around helping others leave behind limiting thoughts and restrictive beliefs, as well as creating healthy relationships.

This means that I often create inspiring quotes for Instagram or Facebook, or that I am working on a piece of writing to help others see ways to create a less limited and more beautiful life.

I post these in a variety of places including Thrive Global, and my 3 blogs Jennifer’s Blog, Healing Tips Blog and WeConcile’s Blog.

10. List all your social media platforms…

Jennifer Lehr interview ladybossblogger female entrepreneur