Blogger Interviews

Cheryl Clarke Is A Content Marketer Who Sparks Conversation Through Blogger Collabs

What you’ll learn in this interview: The reason my mom got pulled out of an important business meeting over a banana (surely that’s a reason to read this post in itself!) Where you can learn how to become a better writer from Margaret Atwood and other greats As a blogger how you can connect with …

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Author Interviews Life Coach

Melissa Clark Promotes, Empowers And Inspires Women

What you’ll learn in this interview: How she is shifting the dialogue from History to Herstory on The She Shift 2 tools she recently discovered that that has helped automate her social media The tool she uses to record her podcast What she uses for her accounting 1 book with advice from 25 successful business women …

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Author Coach Interviews

Nicole Soames Helps People Develop Their Commercial EQ Skills

What you’ll learn in this interview: The training course that gave Nicole her Eureka moment How Nicole shares her passion for helping others be the best that they can be The book that resonated with Nicole as leader The 3 main philosophies Nicole lives her life by Why first impressions really do count Why Nicole …

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Interviews Life Coach

Deborah Kos Helps Busy Moms Learn How To Be Less Stressed      

What you’ll learn in this interview: 7 must-have productivity tools she uses to run her business The social media schedulers she relies on daily for her business The epic course that gave her a whole new strategy for her business Her favorite websites for helping her run her business The book that she recommends to …

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Interviews Public Relations

Caroline Kalentzos Provides Public Relations For Luxury Lifestyle Brands

Caroline Kalentzos is an Instagram influencer and CEO of POSH PR®, a PR agency serving luxury lifestyle brands and women-owned small businesses. She started her career as a medical salesperson but soon transitioned to work in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle spheres. Over the years she has taught herself web design, event planning, brand building, …

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Author Coach Interviews Life Coach Speaker

Nadine Barrett Guides People Towards Finding True Lifestyle Balance

What you’ll learn in this interview: The tools this lifestyle coach, speaker and writer uses to connect to her audience and save her valuable time The 1 course she took that led to her launching her business and becoming a public speaker The 2 books she read that changed her perspective on money and improved …

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