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Morgan Rogers Handcrafts Lashes That Cater Exclusively To Glamorous Girls

Morgan Rogers Handcrafts Lashes That Cater Exclusively To Glamorous Girls 1. One sentence that describes what you do…  Morgan Rogers encourages others to believe true happiness comes in the areas of our lives where we create wealth, abundance, and prosperity. 2. The first thing I do when I wake up… Prayer and meditations. 3. The …

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Beauty Interviews Makeup Artist

Michelle Shaffer Created A Skincare Brand Using Plant-Based Retinol

Michelle Shaffer Created A Skincare Brand Using Plant-Based Retinol 1. One sentence that describes what you do… I launched a skincare collection with my twin using plant-based retinol. We both have very different skincare needs. We partnered with top makeup artists to ensure that we were only bringing the BEST products to the market for …

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Beauty Event Planner Interviews

Shelly Taggar Runs The Best Pro Only Trade Show For The Beauty Industry

Shelly Taggar decided to change careers 8 years ago and started producing events in the fashion and beauty industry, a job which landed her at Metropolitan Events & Production in 2006, a company that produces 250 events a year! What motivated and inspired you to start your own business? I had been producing events for other clients for a while …

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Beauty Fashion Fashion Blogger Fashion Stylist Interviews

Kiera Renee Helps Fashion And Beauty Entrepreneurs Learn To Make Money

Kiera Renee is a Multimedia Maven from Merced, CA. Kiera founded that fastest growing entrepreneur hub in Los Angeles, called Stylers Panel. With Stylers Panel, her goal is to create more jobs in the Fashion and Beauty Industry by cultivating more strong-minded business moguls. To-date, Kiera has already reached more than 10,000 entrepreneurs spanning across …

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Beauty Health & Wellness Interviews Skincare

Aniko Peterson Helps People Achieve Beautiful, Healthy Skin

Aniko Peterson, is the founder and CEO of pH BALANCE SKINCARE. Growing up in Eastern Europe she learned the enduring power of family, giving, and hard work. As her parents worked long hours to provide for her family, her grandmother became her caregiver and mentor. Her grandmother courageously survived internment in a Soviet work camp …

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5 Ways Menstrual Cups Can Improve Your Business And Productivity

How is the menstrual cup NOT the gold standard for every woman’s cycle, especially for businesswomen? Besides the obvious – we just don’t see menstrual cups being advertised on television. They aren’t the norm. They are unique. Even though the cup is becoming more known as a period product, it’s still not widely used in …

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Beauty Hair Stylist Interviews

Adelle Graham Owns The Top Hair Salon For Extensions In Greenville, South Carolina

Adelle Valentine-Graham is a hair extension expert and has been in the hair styling business for over a decade. A year into it, she began learning and specializing in hair extensions and has become one of the top hair extension stylists not only in Greenville, SC, but throughout the Southeast. Always on the lookout for …

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Beauty Health & Wellness Interviews

Carly Stein Develops Innovative Bee-Made Nutraceuticals To Nourish And Heal

Carly Stein is the founder and CEO of Beekeeper’s Naturals, a natural health product company developing innovative bee-made nutraceuticals designed to nourish and heal. Nutraceuticals are becoming increasingly popular, being sold on websites such as Zen Nutrients, they have a number of great benefits. Carly is committed to using her company as a platform to …

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Beauty Interviews

Kiandra Sobczak Creates Natural, Homemade Bath And Body Products

Kiandra Sobczak is the founder of Belle Femme Products. Belle Femme Products creates amazing handmade soaps, beautiful bath & body products, and aromatic candles to make you feel beautiful, relaxed and re-energized. All products can be used on men, women, and children. We use palm-free and natural ingredients in our products to ensure that they …

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