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Michelle Shaffer Created A Skincare Brand Using Plant-Based Retinol

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Michelle Shaffer Created A Skincare Brand Using Plant-Based Retinol

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1. One sentence that describes what you do…

I launched a skincare collection with my twin using plant-based retinol. We both have very different skincare needs. We partnered with top makeup artists to ensure that we were only bringing the BEST products to the market for ALL skin types and genders.

2. The first thing I do when I wake up…

I cuddle with my sweet toy poodle Zoey, have coffee, go through my emails, then my texts, and complete one of my Beachbody workouts.

3. The quotes I live by…

  • Live, laugh, love, be kind, caring, compassionate, and give back to help others.
  • Stay strong in yourself and values and never give up.
Always give courage and strength to others as you never know what someone is going through or the courage they may need in their lives to help them become who they are truly meant to be.Click To Tweet

4. My favorite business tools are…

NETWORKING! Connections and relationships are key. Build, establish, and keep your relationships – even in different markets.

5. On my bookshelf, you will find…

6. Every woman needs to try this at least once…

Hair extensions, they make you feel like a different person.

7. My favorite beauty brands and items…

  • NARS! Orgasm Blush
  • Cozzette Beauty’s Infinite Dimension Mascara in Black
  • Danessa Myricks Beauty’s Illuminating Veil

8. The best piece of advice I’ve ever received…

  • Always believe in yourself and never forget your values and strengths.
  • We are all here to be ourselves, to be different, to be individual, and for a purpose.
  • Always, stay true to yourself, never give up, and when it gets tough, keep your head up remain true and be kind.
You have the strength, and courage to succeed in what you believe in.Click To Tweet

9. Daily things you do in your business…

  • Research our customer’s wants and needs.
  • Research competitors’ sales and promotions.
  • Social media and advertising emails.

10. List all your social media platforms…

twinmeddix Michelle Shaffer

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