Amira Irfan Helps Entrepreneurs Legally Protect Their Online Businesses

Amira Irfan interview

1. One sentence that describes what you do… 

Amira Irfan is a business lawyer, six-figure blogger, and coach who teaches you how to make money blogging while protecting your online business legally!

She started her blog with her full-time job as a lawyer and took it from 0 to $60,000 a month in less than two years, and now she teaches you how to do the same! 

She has had the honor of helping over 10,000 entrepreneurs like you with her affordable legal templates and services in the last 10 years.

2. The first thing I do when I wake up…

Drink coffee and then meditate to clear my mind and prep for the day!

3. The quote I live by…

I love a couple of quotes: 1) You are the master of your own destiny (my business tagline) and 2) Every entrepreneur was once an amateur!

You are the master of your own destiny.Click To Tweet
Every entrepreneur was once an amateur!Click To Tweet

I started my business from a big fat zero and when things get tough, I remind myself that every successful entrepreneur started from scratch and worked hard to build their business empire. Success takes time, perseverance, and dedication! So never give up on your dreams.

4. My favorite business tools are…

5. On my bookshelf, you will find…

Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbin (this bundle includes 3 of his best selling books)

These are amazing books that every entrepreneur would benefit from!

6. Every woman needs to try this at least once…

Start her own business from home. I don’t know why I waited so long to start my online business, but when I did, I surprised myself with the results and how many people I was able to help in my first month!  

I wish I had started my blog 10 years ago! Every woman should take a leap of faith and pursue entrepreneurship – you’ll be amazed at how much you can achieve while making a difference in the lives of others! It gives purpose and meaning to your life.

7. My favorite beauty brands and items…

I keep it simple. I mainly use Mac products but if I have to use drugstore brands then I prefer Covergirl foundation, L’oreal lipstick and Revlon nail polish.

8. The best piece of advice I’ve ever received…

Take more risks and don't let fear hold you back!Click To Tweet

Stop waiting for people to contact you, contact them! Stop hoping your audience will magically find you. Instead, bring yourself to them and give them immense value. 🙂 

9. Daily things you do in your business…

My team and I:

10. List all your social media platforms…

 Amira Irfan interview

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