8 Qualities Of A Great Project Manager

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With a great project manager, processes run smoothly and teams focus on tasks that matter. The importance of finding the right project manager for your business cannot be overstated.

Finding the right project manager can be a challenge because good project managers are rare. This is because the demand for their skills is incredibly high. Consequently, you might face fierce competition from other companies to attract one.

So, while there are numerous apps to help you manage projects easily, it is useful to familiarize yourself with the best qualities to look for in a talented project manager.

Why do you need a good project manager?

  • Project managers main job is to ensure that project goals align with strategic organizational objectives for positive growth. Failure to have a good project manager can spell doom for your projects because it can derail initiative and impairs business growth.
  • Project managers make good software choices
  • They also use the most effective project management tools to streamline project management processes
  • They actively provide real value to businesses, this is done by ensuring that projects are constantly delivered on time and within the set budget
  • A great project manager usually takes charge of a project from inception to closure, confirms that all strategic goals and initiatives are:
    • Aligned
    • Secure stakeholder support
    • Keeps everyone involved on the same page

What are the qualities of a good project manager?

1. Good strategy

Effective project managers are strategic, signifying that they can:

  • Define projects
  • Develop clear roadmaps
  • Set frameworks for crucial decision-making processes
  • Know what they want from the business. This helps them set strategic plans to achieve goals.

2. Gives credit where it is due

Great project managers do not take success away from team members. Instead, they strive to motivate them by accrediting for doing a good job or for a quality they have. They also make sure to lift others and help team members with work whenever they get stuck.

3. Motivates team members

Team motivation encourages collaboration and collective initiative to achieve set targets. A good project manager uses different strategies to motivate team members and helps them better their work. Unlike judging or scrutinizing teams when something goes wrong, motivation helps to improve overall business success.

4. Fully invested in the businesses success

Employing people that want to see the business flourish is one of the best ways to yield great productivity. A project manager should not think of the position as a “side hustle.”

So, you should prioritize getting one that will do everything in their power to see the business succeed. This frequently includes creating new plans and strategies to help with business success.

5. Communicates effectively

Excellent communication is also integral to any project’s success. This makes it a critical trait to look for in a project manager. Effective communication is an essential business practice that makes sure business is done correctly.

Create a safe environment for all team members as it encourages them to speak up. This helps to create an environment where other employees can be positively mentored. So, whenever there is a problem they simply convey a message. Furthermore, be sure to hire one that knows how to communicate in a way that helps team members listen and grow.

6. A natural leader

Natural leadership is an essential project management quality. This is because it enables teams to relate and derive inspiration from the project manager personally. To spot one with this quality, look for someone who knows what to do to lead a team and can take on the responsibility

7. Has a variety of business skills 

Quality project managers are versed in a variety of things. So, a good project manager will exhibit that they understand the different factors impacting business success and are familiar with all the processes needed to achieve business goals.

You should also ensure that your preferred candidate has an excellent technical background and can fix problems as they arise.

8. Handles pressure well

Handling pressure well is another trending quality of a good project manager. It often means that they can resolve conflicts and restore balance with humor and determination. In other words, it ensures that if there is a problem, they can keep calm when handling it. This helps to lessen the stress of team members.

Key Takeaways

The project management world is dynamic and ever-changing. Given its importance to overall business growth, finding a good project manager will help enhance your business success. But the demand for their skills is off the charts, making it necessary to learn effective ways to spot talented project managers.

Just make sure that your preferred candidate possesses a combination of any of the eight discussed qualities above. The more they have, the better.

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