How To Write A Business Proposal: Expert Tips And Tricks

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How To Write A Business Proposal: Expert Tips And Tricks



1. Choose your target audience

It’s early to start creating a commercial offer until you have clearly decided who to specifically address it. If you try to grab all the customers in one text, nothing will come of it. Each offer has its own audience. As a rule, this is a small segment with specific tasks, which should be solved.

No one will read the text written for everyone. Such a document is a useless collection of words and graphics because there is no order and solution to a specific problem. Even if it is beautiful, stylish and printed on quality paper. If you want to sell, narrow the audience as much as possible. For each segment of the audience, you need to create a separate business proposal.

2. Identify the problem and offer its solution

Have you identified the audience? Now, it’s high time to decide on the problems you want to solve. In one group of clients, there can be similar tasks, but they need to be solved in different ways. Therefore, first, make a list of problems and only then proceed to find a solution.

If you miss and send a commercial offer with a solution to a problem the client does not have, the sale will not take place. No man will give money just like that. There is always a problem he wants to solve. It is important he/she sees the solution in your proposal.

Therefore, first, decide for yourself what solution you’ll offer in the business proposal. If you try to cover all the problems and offer a solution for each one, your text will turn out to be chaotic and abstract. Remember: incomprehensible texts are difficult to read.

Each participant of the selected audience has his/her own problem, but all of them may be associated with one object. Divide the tasks into groups and determine which solution is suitable for each of them.

For example, you have three solutions for different customer tasks. Choose one for which you’ll create a business proposal. It’s great if you can solve several tasks with one solution. It’s how you’ll reach a larger segment of the audience.

3. Structure a business proposal in the right way

When you’ve determined exactly how you’re going to solve the problem, you have an almost ready template. Add a few important arguments that will help the client make a purchasing decision. And organize all your thoughts and ideas in the form of a business document.

You have the structure of the future text. Now start writing following the tips:

  • Be short, but understandable.
  • Remember, the client wants to get answers to all questions and understand what he/she buys, from whom, and what benefits he/she will get. Besides, he/she wants to be sure that you can be trusted to solve the problem.
  • Use guarantees, arguments, and smoothly turn the structure into easy-to-read text.
  • When the text is ready, reread it at least twice. Correct phrases that are difficult to read. Remove what seems unnecessary and add what is missing.
  • Afte, ask colleagues or friends to read the finished text. They’ll give you good feedback. Write down the notes and think about them. Maybe you should fix some points or even rewrite everything. If so, have patience and start over until you’re completely confident that the business proposal text sounds perfect.

4. Take care of the convenient design of the proposal

It is important to understand: the task of design is to make it not beautiful, but convenient to read. Convenient design is always interesting. You can use icons, frames, selections, photos and everything able to attract the attention of your customer. But only if this does not prevent the client from reading the text. Do not overdo it. Do not make a business proposal variegated. Respect the customer – make it easy-to-read.

5. Send a business proposal to the client

Now, you have a formatted business offer. It must be sent to the client. Here, too, there are separate techniques and methods. First, make sure you know the answers to the following three questions below:

  1. How to send business offers by email?
  2. Do I need an accompanying email for a proposal?
  3. How to make a title to the letter with a business proposal?

At each stage, it is important to think about what to include in the proposal. Moreover, think what form you’ll provide this information in. A business proposal is a small part of a large sales funnel. Before reading it, the client performs other actions – talking to you on the phone, opening (or not opening) a letter, reading texts on the site page.

Keep in mind: if a client receives an offer unexpectedly and at the wrong moment, even the most selling text can fail. Consider the nuances and think twice before making a step if your goal is to make business proposal work.

Final thoughts

Here is the summary. So, to start using a proposal, follow this scheme:

  • Select an audience.
  • Identify the problem you want to solve.
  • Choose a solution to the problem.
  • Make the structure of the business
  • Write the text following the structure.
  • Make a text in the design.
  • Send a business offer to the client.

As you can see, everything is simple. But if something doesn’t work out or you lack time to finish the project within the necessary terms, you can always ask for a business proposal writing help from this dissertation writing service.

The best-qualified writers will analyze all the project details and create a top-notch proposal that will hook your potential customer.

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