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How To Determine If You Need A Computer Security Audit

A security audit of your computer infrastructure is an important tool that can keep your network ahead of any dangers. In an age of mobile-access, cloud-storage, and an ever-changing world of cyber threats, the security of your business network is of paramount importance. One innocent wrong click and you run the risk of losing vital …

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5 Ways To Safeguard Your Business

Running your business is similar to looking after your family, you want to protect them. You never know when your family or company could be at risk and the hardest part is that you don’t always know when you need to take action. In both cases, offense is the best form of defense because you can’t always …

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How To Protect Your Business Premises

Your business’ assets are probably the most important thing to protect. Whether you run a store or an office, it’s important that you focus on all of the importance factors of running a business. This may include needing to hire a commercial electrician to fix the wiring at your office, but it also includes security. …

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How To Protect Your Business’s Most Important Commodity

What is your business’s most important commodity? Is it your product? Is it your customers? Or is it something you can’t even physically touch? Some would say that your brand is perhaps your most important commodity, but anyone who has been in business for some time will give you the exact same answer to this …

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Victoria Van Zhong Saw a Problem with Residential Security Systems So She Fixed It

Victoria Van Zhong went from working a 7-3 security job at the Chicago Public Schools to seeing a problem with their security system, quitting, and starting her own business in order to fix the problem! Read our interview with the lovely Victoria below… What motivated and inspired you to start your own business? I was working for …

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