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Darrah Brustein Is Bringing Honesty Back Into The Merchant Service Industry

Darrah Brustein is an author and two-time founder with a payment processing company, Equitable Payments, spanning 38 states. She also runs a networking events company called Network Under 40 serving 30,000+ people. She contributes to Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Thrive Global on networking, entrepreneurship and creating a life of your own design, and has been featured […]

How To Get On TikTok’s For You Page

When you think of someone “going viral,” what social media comes to mind? Instagram? YouTube? How about Facebook? Maybe even Twitter? Now, there’s another platform on the block: TikTok. The video-based app launched globally in 2017 and, as of January 2021, has nearly 700 million active users worldwide. A big chunk of these users are […]

How To Effectively Use Hashtags On Instagram

There’s no secret key to what hashtags will make your Instagram account blow up, but there are plenty of tips and tricks you can use when hashtagging that can certainly help grow your brand. Here are 5 ways to effectively use hashtags on Instagram. 1. Don’t Overuse Hashtags While you can use up to 30 […]

How To Avoid The Most Common LinkedIn Scams

LinkedIn is a great social media platform for professional interaction and growth. Networking has now become easier than ever, and many users find themselves making authentic occupational connections through the platform. Unfortunately, like all social media, LinkedIn has its fair share of hackers and scammers. With your personal information (and a lot more) on the […]

How To Boost Your Business With Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are still relatively new to the social media world. Reels have the potential to boost small businesses! Similar to TikTok, one video can blow up and be seen all over Instagram. Here are 4 ways to use Instagram reels to boost your business. 1. Show Followers Behind The Scenes People LOVE behind the […]