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Why Influencers Are More Powerful Than Celebrity Endorsements

With the spike in influencer marketing, more and more brands are realizing how powerful influencers are. Yet, there are still those who believe that celebrities have the greatest impact on an audience. You know, with the big name, the following, and the fans who love them. What if we told you influencers have all that too? […]

Starting A Business During The Pandemic: Tips For Female Entrepreneurs

Starting a business during a global pandemic or crisis might seem a little crazy. After all, small businesses are closing their doors… And there’s for lease signs plastered across store windows where the opening hours once hung. But if we’ve learnt anything from previous crises – now could be the perfect time to start your […]

Ritu Sharma Helps People Enhance Brand Awareness Within The Digital Space

1. One sentence that describes what you do… I am an entrepreneur and a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger who helps with driving website traffic and acquiring leads and customers. I also develop, implement, and manage marketing campaigns that promote a company and its products or services. Additionally, I empower people to start and scale […]

Natasa Djukanovic Helps Others Make Their Online Presence Personal

1. One sentence that describes what you do… I am the CMO at Domain.ME, the company that operates the internet domain “.ME”, a ccTLD of Montenegro. Over the years, my strategic and innovative approach to branding helped position .ME domain in the highly competitive domain industry. Today .ME domain is perceived as the go-to domain […]

Petra Šranc Helps Ambitious Female Entrepreneurs To Build A Wildly Successful Business

1. One sentence that describes what you do… I am the CEO of Big Income Paradise and I help ambitious female entrepreneurs to build a wildly successful business by creating compelling and engaging Social Media content that attracts super fans and buyers. 2. The first thing I do when I wake up… I’m a firm believer that […]

Camilla Kristiansen Mentors Freedom Seekers Ready To Live Their Freedom Laptop Lifestyle

1. One sentence that describes what you do… I am a mentor for freedom seekers ready to live their freedom laptop lifestyle, I’m an author of 42 books, I travel with my VIP days, have my own podcast show, and editor in chief for my Norwegian online magazine. 2. The first thing I do when I wake up is… Get […]