5 Best Ways To Market Your Hair Extensions Business

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The hair extension industry is becoming more popular and is growing every year across the globe.

The demand for different hair extensions which include wigs, tape-ins, clip-ins, sew-ins and many more, show that there is a great opportunity to engage in the hair extension business.

If you are thinking of starting a hair extension business or you are in the business but interested in making more profit, then knowing the basics of marketing your hair extensions are very important.

The main marketing objectives involve:

  1. Getting and bringing people’s attention to your targeted market
  2. Putting your purchasing plan in place
  3. Placing a specific product out for purchase

A simple definition of marketing is “all steps taken to get products or services from the manufacturers to the people interested in making the purchases”.

Learn how to properly market your hair extensions with these 5 tools that are 100% FREE to use.

5 Best Ways To Market Your Hair Extensions Business

1. YouTube Video Tutorial

YouTube is among the largest search engine across the world. A lot of exposure is gained when you create a video and post it on YouTube for people to watch.

Plus, it doesn’t require a lot of time or money to start it up. If you have a smartphone, then you are good to go. Create your first video and upload it on YouTube, but make sure to upload often to keep people interested and continue subscribing to your channel.

With time, you can buy a professional camera and microphone, to help you improve the quality of your shots. Create different videos and tutorials of you at hair events for everyone willing to learn how to do hair styling etc. Let people search for your brand and make your hair business stand out the best.

2. Pinterest Infographics

Around 92% of pins on Pinterest are created by women.

  • Step 1: Create and register a Pinterest account. Take your time to set up the account, which is free and fill out your profile.
  • Step 2: Write a paragraph about what you do in your Pinterest bio.
  • Step 3: Follow stylists and influencers who are involved in the hair industry. Pinterest works through the sharing of photos on the platform.
  • Step 4: Upload a photo of yourself, people like to know the who behind the brand – it makes your profile more trustworthy.
  • Step 5: Always schedule your pins, preferably with the ONLY platform that Pinterest has approved, in order to consistently stay in front of your followers.
  • Step 6: Make sure that the photo, tags, and description are well researched to help you in maximizing your audience and potential sales.

3. Twitter GIFS

In more than a decade, Twitter has greatly evolved. Millions of users are on Twitter!

  • Step 1: Tweet out your hair extensions photos and videos using well-researched #hashtags.
  • Step 2: Learn how to utilize your Twitter search features to get introduced to the hair clients and customers.
  • Step 3: Give free advice to people with different issues on washing and coloring.

Some Twitter marketing ideas include:

  • Sharing links to hair related posts
  • Share funny or inspiring hair GIFS
  • Retweeting on customer selfies who wear your hair extensions
  • Have a great relationship with hairstylists who can become customers

4. Influencer Instagram Videos

Instagram is among the people’s favorite social platforms to market their hair extensions. Hair extensions are best shown off in customer-generated content where they showcase their extensions in photos + video tutorials.

Just like any other social media platforms, it is recommended that you as the business owner frequently post a variety of photos. Different photos being posted daily will help people get more interested in your brand.

Depending on your plans and budget, another way of marketing your brand is through Instagram’s paid advertising. Same as Facebook, Instagram advertising is where you can run sponsored adverts and posts and make your brand marketable.

In late 2016, Instagram introduced Instagram stories, where people can post their photos and videos and last for 24 hours. Still, in this platform, you can consider snapping different photos of your daily hair business activities and adding them into your stories for interested people to view.

5. Facebook Photos + Videos

Facebook is the best online platform connecting the whole world. It gives you unlimited opportunities that can be utilized to bring a great change in the hair extensions business.

Creating an account on Facebook is free and these accounts will help in promoting your business. There are also Facebook market places where you can list your products and communicate with your buyers.

Try all 5 of these approaches and see which one works best for you! Good luck!

market Hair Extensions Business ladybossblogger

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