How Gaming Can Make You A Better Business Strategist

How Gaming Can Make You A Better Business Strategist

It’s no secret that one of the more bizarre effects of the smartphone age is that it has made gaming a mainstream leisure pursuit for people of all ages.

Of course, if you’re running a business, you probably think you have no time for such pointless distractions, but think again.

Gaming could be just the thing to give you that all-important business edge. 

How Gaming Can Make You A Better Business Strategist

1. Weighing risk and return

This is a fundamental part of any business decision, whether it is a startup, expansion, investing in equipment or entering new markets.

It comes down to a blend of gut feel and mathematical probabilities, and is something that casino gamers in particular know all about.

For example, suppose you decide to play a slot game and want to choose between Starburst or Jammin Jars.

You’ll look at RTP, volatility, pay lines, bonus opportunities and more, but also, you’ll have that indefinable feeling about which game will offer the best return.

Assessing risk and return is a skill that comes with experience and gaming is a great way to develop your talents.

2. Patience and goal orientation

From board games like Monopoly to open-world epics such as Grand Theft Auto, you sometimes need to be in for the long haul when gaming.

Short term losses matter nothing if they mean you’ll attain your long term goal.

Games like these help you to develop your strategy, but more to the point they teach you the importance of hanging in there through the more difficult times and not changing direction or panicking every time something doesn’t quite go your way.

3. Developing your teamwork skills

Games are not all about competition, and that is particularly the case in today’s world of social gaming.

Cooperative online games are all the rage, and when you operate in a virtual environment, with team members you seldom or never meet face to face, some shared downtime away from work topics is exactly what you need.

In the old days, you might have all gone for some after-work drinks in the local bar.

A few online games together might not seem quite the same, but it’s probably better for your health and your bank balance.    

4. Decreasing stress

Here’s a newsflash. Sometimes a game is just a game, and in today’s world, that can be exactly what you need.

Technology makes it possible for us to be constantly on-call and to work from anywhere. If that means not having to sit in traffic two hours a day, that’s great.

But if it means working 18 hours straight from your sofa, that’s when mistakes creep in and your business, as well as your health, will suffer.

A ten-minute break, whether it’s spinning a roulette wheel, kicking a football or growing some virtual carrots is essential to keep you at your best. 

How Gaming Can Make You A Better Business Strategist