How To Make Your Ecommerce Website Stand Out

There are so many amazing e-commerce websites today that offer not only great prices and a huge variety of products and services, but also have a fun and memorable design that users love.

So, in order to find work and reach clients, you need to learn how to make your business stand out from the sea of competition. Here are some fool-proof tactics that will help you build your brand and attract business.

How To Make Your Ecommerce Website Stand Out

1. Go mobile

The first item on this list might surprise you, but it definitely deserves its top position.

People today are busy and providing them with a website that can be reached from anywhere in the world is crucial to success. Your online shop might look great on desktop, but how can it be accessed and used from a smartphone?

Almost 50% of consumers are shopping on their phones, so if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’ll put off a lot of customers. Make sure your e-commerce website is easy to read and navigate from phones and you’ll definitely stand out.

2. Make it simple and user-friendly

The reason why so many people shop online is convenience. So, if they visit your website and see that they can’t figure out how to brow products, search for relevant content or find your contact info, they might give up and look for business elsewhere. 

You need to try your best to make the purchase process as easy and as fast as possible. Think organized product lists, easy payment processes, product search and visible product filters. This way, no product will get left behind and your customers will be satisfied with a stress-free shopping experience.

3. Fly your colors

You want your brand to reach people and stay etched into their minds like Coca Cola, McDonald’s or Facebook.

Each of these brands is closely associated with a color and they stick to their brand no matter what. The color and the look of your website are very important and they can make or break your brand.

And don’t think you need to be huge in order to be associated with one color. Just look at Moon Magic Jewelry and their gentle, pink theme that caters to a certain audience and evokes calming and romantic feelings.

Together with a very modern font, minimalist aesthetics and easy purchase options, they provide a top-notch jewelry shopping experience. Learn from these successful websites and find a look that matches the style of your brand.

4. Publish relevant content

In order to add more depth to your website, you can publish some interesting and relevant content using a blog.

This blog can be used to highlight products, post about relevant community events, highlight reviews and write about things that concern your services and products. This is also a great way to get a better ranking on Google Search and increase traffic. 

Once your business has a good look, it needs to have a voice and a blog is a perfect way to give your brand a platform to attract potential customers. This is what all well-rounded e-commerce businesses do, so why not steal this useful tool in order to grow your brand.

5. Be available

While providing your customers with a great shopping experience is important, you also need to meet the needs of those people who need a little extra help along the way. A good “contact us” form or a live chat feature will give people an easy and fast way to get help and eventually make a purchase.

Giving people a chance to easily communicate with you or your customer support will definitely set you apart from other businesses. Knowing they can always reach you will give people a sense of security and make your brand more serious and credible.

If you identify your strengths and your brand, make sure to showcase all of your best sides. These tips above will give you an edge in this very competitive field, but make sure to be willing to experiment and find your own unique voice and look. 

Ecommerce Website Stand Out