How Coffee Can Ease The Tensions Of Working From Home

How Coffee Can Ease The Tensions Of Working From Home LadyBossBlogger.com1

Everyone likes to assume that working from home is a breeze. There’s no commuting involved, you can work in your PJs, and set your own hours. While this may indeed be true, working from home doesn’t come without its own set of obstacles. 

The work/life balance is often more difficult, there are frequent distractions, lack of focus, and social isolation to overcome. Not to mention, if you’re an entrepreneur (instead of a remote employee) the stress of trying to maintain a decent portfolio of clients/customers to keep the money coming is rough. 

As you can imagine, it takes a great deal of time, effort, and discipline to be able to work from home. Dealing with these frustrations on a daily basis, at times, can cause a person to reach their boiling point. Though there are many obstacles you face with working at home, something as simple as having a good cup of coffee could make getting through it all just a bit easier. 

Health Benefits of Coffee

With all the stresses that come with working from home on top of the health risks of living a sedentary lifestyle, a good cup of Joe can work wonders. Here’s how: 

  • Boosts your energy levels
  • Helps you burn fat
  • Improves physical performance
  • Contains essential nutrients
  • Lowers your risk of diabetes
  • Protects the liver
  • Helps to boost your mood and ward off depression

Making The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Now that you know how beneficial a cup of coffee can be when working from home, here are some tips on how to make the perfect cup: 

  1. Probably the most common type of coffee makers is a drip coffee maker. These are easy to use and a quick way to produce coffee for a few people. The challenge is coffee can become overcooked and bitter as it sits on the warming plate waiting for you to drink it. So if you are going to make your coffee and then get involved with a project and lose track of time this might not be the best bet for you. (Note Thermal Coffee Makers resolve this issue by placing your coffee in an insulated pot so it does not overcook) 
  1. Sometimes taking the time to make a cup of coffee can be a ritual that centers you and allows you to be calmer and more creative. If the ritual is what is important to you consider a french press where you are the one who presses your own coffee. Designed with a metal filter these presses often make coffee with better flavor, and as an entrepreneur you deserve coffee with great flavor.
  1. If you want a cool looking coffee maker which is a statement maker you might try a vacuum coffee maker. These look like they come from the space program and definitely will grab someone’s attention. You may have to field questions like what is that gizmo, but that can be fun. These are known to produce very flavorful coffee but that flavor comes with a lot of needed labor. 
  1. Sometimes you don’t care about your coffee as long as you can get your caffeine quickly. If you like shots of super-strong coffee you might want to invest in an espresso machine. Espresso can successfully be made at home so you do not need to stand in line at your favorite coffee shop each morning waiting for your next fix. (If you don’t want to get an espresso machine you might consider an AeroPress as a substitution which is more user friendly and easy to travel with) If you don’t have enough space for a standard coffee machine and you are the one person who prefers to start your morning with a cup of coffee, you can invest in a k-cup coffee maker such as these from unclutterer, that will be the perfect option for your morning routine.
  1. If you want to be able to make coffee in advance that can either be poured over ice or heated up, a cold brew coffee maker might be for you. If you set up your maker early in the evening the next morning you can have a super smooth, low acid coffee the next day. This takes time but having coffee in your fridge whenever you want can be well worth it. 
  1. Do you like your coffee sweet and light like a dream. For this type of light coffee you might consider a Vietnamese coffee maker, yes that is a real type of coffee maker even though you may never have heard about it because it is less known. Typically Vietnamese coffee includes condensed milk or cream and sugar so it is rich and sweet.

Working from home isn’t as easy as it sounds. From trying to set boundaries and stay focused on the task at hand to dealing with the emotional impact of working alone, it’s a lot to deal with.

With all the health benefits associated with a coffee, having a cup or two each day could be just what you need to overcome these obstacles a bit easier. 

How Coffee Can Ease The Tensions Of Working From Home LadyBossBlogger.com2

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