What Is Traffic And How Do You Attract It To Your E-Commerce Site?

What Is Traffic And How Do You Attract It To Your E-Commerce Site? ladybossblogger

Traffic to your website = visitors.

Without visitors, any online store will close down because customers aren’t “visiting their store”.

So traffic is very important, read on to learn both free and paid methods of attracting it!

What Is Traffic And How Do You Attract It To Your E-Commerce Site?


1. Write a useful article and offer it to online magazines.

But only offer it to sites that will allow you to link back to your online store – that’s how you get traffic.

What should you write about?

Look at what they already blog about and prepare an article that is relevant and adds value to their site.

What if your article doesn’t get accepted?

Leave valuable comments on their current articles with a link back to your site for more information.

2. Organize a contest promote it on social media.

This method is “conditionally free” because you still have to pay for the prizes, but the cost will be justified if you partner with an influencer that drives a lot of traffic (potential customers) to your site.

3. Offer free tutoring.

Take your time and record a series of training videos on Youtube or texts and publish them in various popular online magazines or blogs. People love free educational tools and once they recognize you as an expert, they will check out your site!

4. Don’t hesitate to advertise competitors or third-party sites.

Write to your competitors and directly ask them if they would like to cross-market! Make sure to find a competitor that is on your same or similar “level in business” so that it’s a mutual exchange.

5. Register in search engines: Google and others.

To start ranking in Google, you need to properly optimize your site:

  1. Type out your meta-tags
  2. Include heading tags for your title (H1) and subtitles (H2, H3, H4…)
  3. Make up the semantic core of your site

Look into Mageworx extensions to help your store with SEO and more if you don’t know how to do it and don’t want to learn.

6. Look for exchange opportunities.

For example, you can trade posts with other sites and guest post on each other’s websites for a mutual content and link exchange.


1. Contextual advertising.

These are targeted advertisements that appear on websites and other media that are dependant on similar sites that the viewer has visited.

When designing these ads, put yourself in your client’s mindset, ask yourself questions that concern them, and provide the answers.

2. Targeted advertising – advertising on social networks.

You can select who sees your ads by setting up your audience according to your specific criteria: sex, age, place of residence, vital interests, etc.

3. Traffic exchange.

Note, in this article we are not talking about dishonest ways. Traffic exchange is a service that provides website owners traffic.

All you do is register your website in their system, your site is then integrated with a special code that shows articles and news from other sites using RSS feeds.

So, in essence, it’s another kind of cross-marketing, only your participation is almost not required.

What Is Traffic And How Do You Attract It To Your E-Commerce Site? ladybossblogger