3 Ways Technology Is Revolutionizing The Workplace

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Technology is revolutionizing the workplace.

From WiFi enabled Internet to software packages that help employees work more efficiently, tech is becoming increasingly important to businesses of all industries and sizes.

Even basic communication tools such as the internet and email have become absolutely vital to working in the 21st century.

This is further reinforced by statistics that illustrate that 95 percent of workplaces agree that having access to digital technologies is important to their work.

Here are some different ways that tech is being used in the workplace.

3 Ways Technology Is Revolutionizing The Workplace

1. SaaS Use Is Growing

One of the clearest places that tech’s importance can be seen in businesses around the world is in the area of SaaS, or software-as-a-service.

On average, SaaS use is on the rise, with almost three-quarters of industries saying that almost all of their application and software use will be SaaS by the end of 2020.

What do these apps do anyway?

All manner of things, from graphic design, photo editing, and non-linear video editing software from tech giant Adobe to popular team collaboration software like Slack.

In fact, Slack is one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in history, with its simple user interface and powerful collaboration tools winning over a diverse range of industries thanks to its ease of use and efficiency.

2. IoT In The Workplace

SaaS isn’t just the only area that technology is making an imprint in the workplace.

Internet of Things devices are also becoming more and more common, particularly in companies that want to appear cutting edge and provide an engaging work environment.

But IoT furniture and appliances in the workplace are more than just a passing trend; there are many functional reasons to invest in such devices.

Perhaps one of the easiest benefits to understand is the cost efficiencies that come with installing a Nest thermostat, which helps you save money by regulating your office’s temperature when staff isn’t present.

On average, the savings were between 10 and 12 percent in terms of heating costs, and 15 percent on cooling costs.

Those kinds of numbers can make a big difference to a small company’s bottom line, so it’s no wonder so many businesses are hopping on the smart thermostat bandwagon.

3. Advancements In Productivity

Productivity is another major focus of workplace tech, with touch screen devices and artificial intelligence assistants helping to improve how workers work.

Some of this is found in IoT devices, whereas other features are implemented directly into the hardware and software workers use day in and day out. Perhaps the biggest example of this is the call center field, which has recently shown a major boom in innovation.

Omnichannel cloud software allows agents to provide support through a wide range of mediums including voice, video chat, web chat, and even social media. Plus, by adding an auto dialer for call center operations, businesses can eliminate the need for agents to wait on the line before learning whether or not the call will be picked up.

An autodialer, also known as a predictive dialer, uses advanced algorithms to only connect an agent to a live call, thus decreasing waits between conversations and increasing overall worker productivity.

Project management tools are also seeing a surge thanks to technology, with project management skills becoming more and more important in an increasingly digital age.

As more advancements occur in the tech sector, more and more businesses are looking to technology to solve their problems and improve their operations.

As a result, tech has become increasingly important in the workplace, with plenty of companies relying on new technologies to help perform key components of their business.

This exciting growth bodes well for the future of business, as more tools are created to improve productivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

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