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10 Websites You Should Be Using As A Blogger

For new writers and flourishing entrepreneurs alike, it’s important to be aware of the great websites essential in growing your blogs. After all, blogging is all about improvement. If you’re a new blogger, you can find out how to launch the blog you’ve always dreamed of startingーand how to do it right from the very …

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How Often Should You Send Emails?

You’ve heard before and now you’ll hear it again: timing is everything. In the fast-paced, “information overload” world of digital marketing, there’s really nothing more important than making sure your message is given to the right people at the right moment. If marketing emails are an essential part of your online strategy to expand your …

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Rachel Ngom Helps Entrepreneurs Monetize Their Passion

Rachel Ngom is a Pinterest strategist who’s used Pinterest to generate over 20,000 free leads into her business. Her Pinterest account gets over 1,000,000 monthly viewers and increased her blog traffic by 34,000 per month. She went from being on food stamps with negative $400 in her checking account to a multiple 6 figure online …

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How To Write The Perfect Media Pitch

Ever seen a feature in a magazine or on a website and dreamed of seeing yourself there? Here’s a little secret: you CAN get there! The truth is, journalists (bloggers especially!) are always looking for new content, and they love when you can hand them exactly what they need. But how do you convince someone …

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How To Use Pinterest To Get Traffic

Although Pinterest is classified as “social media,” it operates differently than other platforms. The best way to think about Pinterest is as a search engine. Users find pins based on keywords and similarities to previous pin images. Pinterest = Visual Google So when we talk about using Pinterest to bring more traffic to your blog, …

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How To Use Pinterest And Instagram To Grow Your E-Commerce Business

The best platforms to use if you run an e-commerce store are, by far, Pinterest and Instagram. This post will give you a SNEAK PEEK into the social media marketing strategies you can use to make your business more profitable! To create a social media marketing strategy, you must go through 4 phases: Build a foundation Create a …

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10 Ways To Use Social Media To Market Your Event

Most event planners are clueless about social media because we are in-person people! However, there is no escaping the world of social media, which is why I have come up with… “The 5 W’s of Social Media” (to ensure your foundation is set up right) “The 5 W’s of Event Planning” (according to the 5 …

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13 Ways To Increase Your Instagram Engagement

It’s not about the number of your followers, it’s about your level of engagement.  If your audience takes action from your suggestions, that is extreeeeemely valuable. That is what an influencer is. Learn how to become an influencer. HIGH ENGAGEMENT = HIGH POTENTIAL PROFIT. Engagement comes with the trust that you build with your audience. Therefore, …

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How To Make Money Using ShareASale Affiliate Links

Before diving into the ins and outs of using Shareasale, let’s pause for a moment. First, let’s talk about what Shareasale even is and why it’s so important for your blogging life! Or if you already know what affiliate marketing is and have already started a blog, then skip to #1 below. What Sharesale is About and …

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Jordy Lucas Runs An Online Lifestyle Publication For The Modern Lady Boss

Jordy Lucas is mostly recognized from playing Summer Hoyland on Australian television show, Neighbours. What began as a ‘hobby blog’, She Does This has now evolved into a lifestyle hub for women that offers practical advice and consulting to empower women in business. Melbourne based, Jordy loves connecting with like-minded women, helping them achieve their …

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