21 Amazing African Fashion Bloggers

African Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger

Bloggers don’t get enough credit for the amount of work they put into their blogs. So we are here to highlight 21 Amazing African Fashion Bloggers that have created incredible blogs.

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21 Amazing African Fashion Bloggers


Born in Marrakesh but now living in Casablanca, Yasmine Zemmama runs a fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel blog called My Hipster Square. She blogs in French, though Google Translate is embedded within her site, making it easy for other readers.

Content includes seasonal clothing, garments for special occasions and festivities, brand and product reviews, comparison posts, and where to shop for fashion in Morocco.

African Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger


Yasmina Olfi is another female Moroccan fashion and lifestyle blog. She covers general trends, reviews various products, and provides tips and inspiration on her blog, Fashion Mintea. Her personal style is glamorous and sophisticated, and females can get plenty of ideas for elegant outfits.

The blog has a more luxury focus than many other Moroccan fashion blogs. The name reflects the favorite national drink of mint tea, helping to bring Moroccan culture to the site. Content is written in French.

African Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger


Souad El Mghari is the site owner of Kaftan Mag, a blog dedicated to fashion (mainly female), beauty, and lifestyle. It takes its name from a traditional item of Moroccan clothing.

Born in Agadir, the blogger has had a keen interest in fashion from a very young age. As well as providing inspiration through her own blog, Souad El Mghari is regularly featured in popular publications in addition to working as a freelance fashion editor and stylist.

She blogs in English on Kaftan Mag, looking at fashion trends and events, celebrity style, hairstyles, makeup, and more, as well as showing her own personal style and the terrific bargains she manages to find in Moroccan souks.

African Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger


Sofia El Arabi was born in Morocco’s largest city, Casablanca. Her approach to fashion, and life in general, is very free spirited. She is a fashion blogger and fashion designer, with her blog and online store found at the same place: Bakchic.

It is often difficult to combine long-standing Moroccan fashions and historic Eastern influences with the ever-changing fashions from the West. Yet that is what Sofia El Arabi tries to do, along with providing an Arab identity to fashion-conscious people within the Arab world.

African Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger


Nour H owns the blog Guide de la Maghribia Actuelle. Covering fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and other diverse topics, it’s a great read for budget-conscious fashion lovers.

Posts show people how to be stylish and make great use of colors with a modest budget. Indeed, Nour H is a self-confessed Moroccan thrifista. She blogs in French.

African Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger


Ghitta Laskrouif’s site is named after her. A fashion designer and fine arts graduate, she comes from a family of skilled craftspeople.

She blogs in English on her site and sells her own branded garments. She designs clothes and accessories that are suitable for various occasions. All are handmade.

Read about events and fashion news, and get plenty of inspiration for your own Moroccan-themed wardrobe.

African Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger


Christina Warteng resides in New York but is originally from Ghana. Her looks are always on trend from pinstripes to the classic pantsuit – Chris nails some of the hottest trends of the summer.

Her looks are versatile – she can go from a clean white matching set to a bold and colorful printed dress. The one consistency is how chic she looks in every outfit.

African Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger


Tracy Jamilatu Iddrisu is the definition of a class act. In addition to her being heavily accomplished academically, her style is always polished and pristine. She has a flair for feminine silhouettes and classic style.

She does not shy away from patterns and manages to look sophisticated and effortless in every photo. Bright colors and classic shapes are the perfect match for Tracy.

African Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger


The Atlanta native, Clarice has a passion for textiles and designs. Originally from Ghana, her style is a blend of bold patterns, big afros, and lots of colors. Clarice has her own line of sweatshirts and hoodies with her signature Damsel lettering. She blogs at I Am A Damsel.

African Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger


Hayet K Rida, the plus size fashion and lifestyle blogger is adding diversity to beauty. Each photo is perfectly curated and shows that trends of today that look phenomenal on women of any size. Her outfits prove there is a lot of fun to be had in fashion.

African Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger


If you are into alternative fashion then Cheidza is your blogger. The award-winning blogger who blogs at, diaryofsmurfdinkie.wordpress.com, is very photogenic and oozes the aura of cool and urban.


Lilian Madyara is like a black Jackie O with her sophisticated style. She’s always looking on point and has an award to certify that. If you want to look like a Hollywood star then this is the blogger to follow.

African Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger


The hair flipping, award-winning blogger travels and lives in luxury whilst sharing her styles. She is the blogger to follow if you are looking to be comfortable in your own skin. Read her blog called Kicking It With Mimi.

African Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger


Sharron is all about affordable and stylish fashion. If you have a tight budget but still want to look good – follow her.

African Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger


What you see in the magazine is what Natasha dresses like. The UK based blogger loves to bring fashion from the top fashion capitals. If you like your collection to look like it is ripped from a fashion magazine then she is your go-to blogger.

African Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger


She brings her day job to her blog and gram. If you want to look like a TV personality then she is your blogger.

African Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger


Looking for edgy and a bit out of your comfort zone looks? Follow Laurina and she will give you all that. Read her blog that she named after herself at laurinamachite.com.

African Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger


She is exactly what the blog name says… CHIC. If you like feminine, elegant and mature styles then this is the blogger for you. Check out her blog at strictlychicme.com.

African Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger


Regina Kaukwanyama loves two things more than anything else in this world – fashion and travel. The 29-year-old has taken those two things and created something special to document and share with the world. Since launching her blog, Style Definition, in 2016 she has been using the platform to inspire others.

African Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger


Describing to us what a typical day looks like, Azar wakes up early to do her hair and makeup for an hour, shoots for a brand, changes her clothing to attend a press event for the launch of a product or magazine and returns home to talk on Skype about anything and everything outside her blog.

It’s no surprise that behind the glitz and glam is a simple girl who wears no makeup or heels, is down to earth and typically found in her pajamas.

African Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger


With amazing information on fashion, lifestyle, and motherhood topics, tessyonyia.com is a high-quality site that has earned some fame. Thanks to its refreshingly honest take on various subjects relevant to the modern woman, it’s become more than just some random blog on the web.

African Bloggers Lady Boss Blogger

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