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Erika Weber Provides Holistic Solutions In Acupuncture And Massage

Erika Weber MS LAc is the owner of 16th St Acupuncture and Urban Tonics. During a ten year career on the Broadway stage, Erika learned about the benefits of acupuncture for her own injuries. She decided to study Chinese Medicine and opened her acupuncture practice in NYC in 2007. In 2017, she started Urban Tonics, a lifestyle …

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Nicole Hollaender Prevents Women From Falling Back On Their Old Habits In Dealing With Their Health And Weight

Nicole Hollaender, a certified health coach and personal fitness trainer, shares her love and passion for nutrition and wellness by helping people along their journey to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Being a health coach and personal fitness trainer has given her the tools to help others achieve their health goals. She is an advocate …

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Hope Zvara Helps Others Purposefully Excel Through Learning About Breath, Body, And Belief

Hope Zvara, mindfulness and lifestyle expert, best selling author, and motivational speaker empowers individuals nationwide by sharing her personal success story, delivering her message, guidance, and applicable tools. Breath, Body, and Belief are the pillars of Hope’s mission to Help Others Purposefully Excel. Zvara offers direction based on how the mind operates, how the body …

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Tarra Mitchell Demonstrates How Personal Wellbeing Is Not Only Principle Centric But Is Also A Leading Indicator Of Success

Tarra Mitchell, RYT-500, author of The Yoga of Leadership, is integrating her distinctive background in business and yoga to contribute to the great conversation around leadership and consciousness. The Yoga of Leadership demonstrates how personal wellbeing is not only principle centric but also a leading indicator of success at work and in life. With an …

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How To Turn Your Passion For Essential Oils Into A Business

Can you remember the moment you discovered your passion? To be perfectly honest, I can’t quite remember the exact moment I realized that I was passionate about essential oils. It was mostly the result of a slow buildup of research and experiments over weeks and months. Like most, I started out with essential oils by …

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5 Resources For Beauty Industry Entrepreneurs

What is it that you look for in your hairstylist, makeup artist, or nail tech? Is it solely based on talent? Or does quality professional service and continued education play a part as well? It’s not always easy being an entrepreneur in the beauty industry. You have to manage your time and clients. You have …

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Stephanie Mansour Helps Women Lose Weight Fast And Make It Last

Stephanie Mansour, CEO of Step It Up with Steph, is on a mission to help women lose weight fast and make it last. Steph is a Weightloss & Lifestyle Coach for women, a TV Personality, and a Health and Fitness Expert. She’s been featured on CNN, Dr. Oz, and over 50 television shows. She has …

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How To Bust Your Own Glass Ceiling With Self-Care

You are your business’s most valuable asset. Can I just say that again? You are your business’s most valuable asset. Everything and everyone else is replaceable. You’re not. Your physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual health are the glass ceilings of your business. Yet so few entrepreneurs (and I’ve observed that women are particularly prone to this) …

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Kathryn Butters Uses Cryotherapy To Fight Chronic Inflammation

Kathryn Butters is the founder/owner of CryoVigor. Before opening New York City’s premier cryotherapy center, Kathryn spent 20+ years in the interactive entertainment industry as a senior executive leader. What motivated and inspired you to start your own business? Preventive, alternative and natural forms of health treatments are things that just aren’t prescribed often enough. …

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