Interviews Life Coach

Christina Saunders Assists Women In Overcoming The Pains Of Life So They Can Walk In Purpose

In her early 20’s Christina Saunder’s found herself the victim of domestic violence coming to a place of almost losing her life and her child within months. The next 20 years would be a battle publicly and privately. As she entered into her 40’s she knew what her call in life was. It would be …

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Boudoir Interviews Photographer

Jenny Taylor Creates Unforgettable Boudoir Photo Sessions That Leave Clients Feeling Empowered

With a multidimensional business plan that would make any entrepreneur envious, Jenny Taylor has not only become one of the most sought after photographers in the Midwest and West Coast but she is also looking to single handedly change people’s stigma about boudoir photography. In doing so, Jenny focuses on highlighting each person’s unique personality …

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Business Coach Interviews Life Coach

Jenn Bovee Uses 20 Years Of Experience As A Psychotherapist To Heal Your Brain Then Transform Your Life

Jenn Bovee is a kickass business and life coach. She is an expert in the brain, habits, and the subconscious mind. She uses EFT, hypnosis, meditation, and NLP to help you get the results that you need in order to accomplish your goals. Her purpose is to help you change your thought habits so you can radically transform …

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Digital Media Interviews Marketer

Elise Crawford Helps Women Entrepreneurs Expand Their Business Through Digital Marketing

Through her company Ringlet Studio, Elise Crawford helps women entrepreneurs expand their business through digital marketing. Over the last five years she has worked with many businesses in Washington, D.C. and around the world to create stunning brands, digital campaigns, websites and social media campaigns. Elise also cultivates community through the resource branch of Ringlet …

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Health & Fitness Coach Interviews

Lindsey Mango Changing One Life at a Time Through Fitness

Just a year ago Lindsey Mango felt like she was lost. She felt a constant pull inside of her to do something bigger. She tried to ignore it because she believed that she couldn’t have it all, that no one was really “that happy”, but deep down she wanted it and believed she could have it! Then the right opportunity crossed her path at exactly …

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