How To Create The Perfect Home Office Environment

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Working from home, for many is the absolute dream.

You can set your own hours; you can wear whatever you want, and you can take as many coffee breaks as you need!

But speak to any entrepreneur who sets up office at home, and they’ll tell you that’s not all plain sailing.

With so many distractions, the doorbell ringing, the temptation to look at your phone and even the kids running around, it’s not always as easy as you think to settle down and work.

When asked for advice on the subject, entrepreneurs said that creating a positive working environment at home helped them to stay productive and actually enjoy working from home just as much as they hoped they would.

Here you’ll find 5 secrets for that success. Good luck!

How To Create The Perfect Home Office Environment

1. Set your boundaries

You cannot sit down to work for a few hours or take important calls if the kids come in asking for snacks or your partner wants to let you know that the milk has run out.

When you settle down to work you need to be uninterrupted and undisturbed.

One way to achieve this is to simply close the door to your office, you could also put up signs – like these – informing family that you’re at work, choose to work when the kids are napping or consider working early in the morning before the family gets up to avoid distraction.

Or get headphones for your kids so that you can both “work” in peace.

2. Choose natural light

If you’ve ever worked in an office before you’ll know how intrusive and unforgiving the lighting to be.

Akin to a hospital or supermarket, artificial lighting can play havoc with your body clock and your productivity.

Now you’re working from home opt for as much natural lighting as possible.

Set up a shop near a window if possible and choose a room with a view so you can enjoy looking at something other than your mood board.

3. Have plenty of supplies

Now you’re working on your own, it’s up to you to ensure that you have everything you need at your fingertips.

From enough ink, your printer to enough paper, notebooks, sticky notes and stationery (who doesn’t love new stationery), having plenty of supplies means you don’t have to stop between tasks to find things.

It keeps your day running smoothly.

4. Have plenty of snacks

Working from home is similar to a traditional office environment in the sense that you’ll always want to reach for the snacks!

Now you’re at home, you can watch what you’re eating a little better.

So, have a little stash of healthy snacks in your desk drawer to keep you going and keep you out of the kitchen!

Nuts, cereal bars, fruit etc should keep those hunger pangs at bay.

5. Look after your body

Make sure that your office chair is ergonomic so you can work comfortably without risking an injury.

Ensure that you stretch and move your body every hour to keep the blood flowing and your productivity high.

Good luck in your new home office!

perfect home office ladybossblogger