JLab Wireless Earphones v.s. Sudio Wireless Earphones

JLab Wireless Earphones v.s. Sudio Wireless Earphones

I’ve been needing some wireless headphones to workout in because no one likes wires getting in the way and I don’t like clunky headphones that make your ears sweat! So I decided to compare some popular earphones and put them to the test!

1. JLab Wireless Earphones

  • Rechargeable battery – 6 hours per charge
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Bluetooth interface
  • Dual connect (Air Icon Only)

jbud earphones review

2. Sudio Earphones

  • Rechargeable battery – 7 hours per charge
  • Multipurpose button on each earbud to control music/phone calls
  • Compact charging case with up to 4 additional charges
  • Weighs 4.5 grams per earbud

sudio earphones

While I like the look of the white Sudio earphones better and the fact that they have a cute charging dock… none of the designs would stay in my ears?! They kept on popping out.

I like that with JLab there were several truly wireless earphone styles that I could choose from that actually stayed in my ear so I could concentrate on working out instead of keeping my earphones in!

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JLab Wireless Earphones