Jessica Osborn Helps Professional Women Build Scalable And Profitable Service Businesses

Jessica Osborn ladybossblogger interview

Jessica Osborn Helps Professional Women Build Scalable And Profitable Service Businesses

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1. One sentence that describes what you do…

Jessica Osborn is a business coach who works with professional women to build scalable and profitable services businesses, that allows them the freedom to work on their own terms, work with their ideal clients and achieve their lifestyle vision.

2. The first thing I do when I wake up…

Hug my kids! Usually, because they’re my alarm clock and have climbed into bed with me… pestering me to get up and make them breakfast! A close second is making my morning cup of coffee and heading out for an early boot camp session at the gym.

3. The quote I live by…

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take”.

Because to me, this speaks of the infinite possibility in life, that we only live once so we might as well live the best version of our life we can! And it also speaks of putting aside our fears to take action towards our goals. One of the biggest chances I took in my life was quitting my corporate marketing career that I’d built to the executive level, and starting out on my own as a business coach.

I believed I could do it, but it was extremely hard letting go of the security blanket my job gave me! However, now it’s 3 years later and I wouldn’t change places for the world. I coach the most amazing women, who are so talented at their professions, yet they need help to make a business of it. Being able to give them advice that helps them create success in their business is so rewarding!

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4. My favorite business tools are…

I have so many business tools that I love, so here’s my top 3: My number 1 top business tool has got to be Active Campaign for email marketing and funnel automation. I’ve used too many email systems over my career and AC is by far the best! I use it to automate my entire sales funnel and give my prospects a really customized experience. I love the visual automation maps I can build and the detailed journeys I can create for my subscribers.

For Instagram scheduling I use Planoly – it’s got a desktop and mobile app which makes it really easy to create content, schedule, and post wherever I might be. It saves groups of hashtags so I can easily mix and match without needing to type them in, and it also does auto-post! And where would I be without automation?

That’s why Zapier comes in at number 3. As a small business, I automate absolutely everything I possibly can and Zapier is the glue that links my systems together. It picks up new customers and adds them to my CRM, then kicks off a welcome email series with all the info they need to know.

5. On my bookshelf, you will find…

I love learning how to improve my business even further, so at the moment these are the books on my bedside table:

6. Every woman needs to try this at least once…

Write down 3 things they’re good at, 3 things they like about themselves, and 3 things they want to do in their life. It might not sound like much, but this one simple exercise promotes positive identity and self-worth. I work with so many women who doubt themselves and are overly critical of their faults, never seeing their talents as anything of value.

It’s so easy to focus on the negative rather than celebrate the positive, but allowing ourselves to recognize what our good points are changes the way we see ourselves, which in turn changes how others perceive us. Try it! Repeat these things to yourself until you believe in them and you’ll have more gratitude, confidence, and motivation – 3 critical elements of success.

7. My favorite beauty brands and items…

I’m a busy mom so my beauty routine needs to be super fast and effective! I like natural products that are low-tox, free of chemicals and parabens. Living on the Sunshine Coast in Australia means I’m outdoors a lot and I need to have good sun protection so my favorite daily tinted moisturizer and sunscreen in one is Invisible Zinc. For cleansing, I use Australian natural brand Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water.

8. The best piece of advice I’ve ever received…

This was when I was first starting my coaching business and I had imposter syndrome. My mentor said to me “You don’t have to be the top expert in your field to successfully help others. You have over 20 years of experience in marketing, so you know more than most people out there about marketing and business. To them, you ARE an expert, and you have a huge amount of value to share with them.”

I realized that I didn’t need to be the number 1 marketing expert to coach people on marketing, I would be helping people who wanted to benefit from my experience and knowledge. That gave me a huge amount of confidence and power to just be myself and get out there and do it!

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9. Daily things you do in your business…

My usual workday goes a bit like this after I’ve dropped the kids at school and daycare I head home and have a coffee! The most important aspects of my day are the 1:1 private business coaching sessions I have with one or two clients. Then I always spend time answering questions and supporting the members in my group coaching program Marketing Momentum Mastermind.

Next, I drop into my free Facebook Community for female business owners (My Tribe) and chat with members there. Any time I have left is spent developing training materials for my marketing strategy course Business JAM. I try to batch my social media content ahead of time so I’m not scrambling, but some days (like on Mondays) I do a live video on my Facebook Page: Jessica Osborn, Marketing & Business Coach.

I also try to jump on Instagram when I can, I’m still working on improving my Insta skills and my profile is very unpolished! Oh, almost forgot LinkedIn – I post on there a few times a week too, and I’m focussing on connecting with more like-minded businesswomen, as my previous corporate career network was very male-dominated!

10. List all your social media platforms…


Jessica Osborn ladybossblogger interview