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How To Make Your Own Dress Code As A Freelancer

How To Make Your Own Dress Code As A Freelancer

While it may be easier to stay in pajamas or your favorite pair of yoga pants all day, being a freelancer means you get to have the freedom and total control over your style. And that’s pretty cool! Whereas, your counterparts—who chose the corporate life—have to put their style aside to abide by dress codes.

But what do freelancers wear?

How To Make Your Own Dress Code As A Freelancer

Balance Style And Comfort

As a freelancer, your day-to-day is probably different and could change at a moment’s notice. You need a look that is versatile and can be comfortable enough to work from home, but you can also run out the door if you have to be somewhere.

  • Business On Top – Leggings are a freelancer’s dream come true because they are versatile, comfortable and feel like sweatpants, but are also socially acceptable at work. You could opt for your Alma Mater sweatshirt while working from home, or you could pair your leggings with a variety of trendy plus size blouses that give your whole look a personality.
  • All Black Everything – If you want to be as comfortable as possible while also being stylish, try an all black look. Whether you pair a black blouse with black leggings and cute heels or an all black sweatsuit, this color will have you feeling sharp, confident and comfortable. Who says you can’t have it all?

Does Your Style Align With Your Brand?

As a freelancer, you may need to meet with editors, subjects or brands in person, which means you may want to save your best outfits for those meetings. It’s important to leave an impression and communicate your brand effectively to potential clients, and we can do this through fashion.

  • Statement Pieces – If your style is a little more low key but you still want to leave a lasting impression on potential clients, throw in a statement piece that packs a punch and can be paired with anything. From a leopard cardigan to a brightly-colored moto jacket, these pieces show your client that you’re confident and one of a kind.
  • On Trend – Say you’re working on a fall project and you have an important meeting around this project. You want people to see you as an authority on this topic and you also want to feel confident. Piece together a plus size work outfit for fall, comprised of cozy knit sweaters and distressed denim that will have everyone envying your on-trend style.

Got A Uniform?

Typically, you would think that someone who has the freedom to dress however they want would stay far away from a uniform. However, the way a person dresses for work hugely impacts their productivity and confidence. And while some people may love picking out a new outfit for work every day, those who work remotely may enjoy a work “uniform.” This uniform isn’t what you’re thinking. It could consist of a sweater dress, a tracksuit or plus size tunics. While it may be the same day to day, when you slide the outfit on, it tells you that it’s time to start your day and get to work. It becomes a routine, and if you work remotely, it’s more important than ever to establish a routine to ensure you are productive.

  • I Mean Business – Uniforms can be as structured or playful as possible, but if you’re all about looking and feeling like a professional, add a signature blazer to your look. This blazer could be worn consistently with different pieces of clothing like leggings, jeans and dress pants so even though you are rotating the same blazer, it feels like you are wearing something new every day with little effort.
  • Working Out or Working From Home? – The athleisure trend is at its peak right now with no signs of slowing down. This begs the question: Is wearing athletic clothing outside of the gym stylish? What if athleisure-based looks are also your work attire? No problems here! But if you are feeling bummy in your activewear looks, bump the look up a few style points by throwing on a plus size edgy moto jacket. Not only will this refine your gym look, but it will also give the whole look a cool vibe.

If you’re a freelancer, take advantage of being able to determine your own wardrobe–even if that means taking a day off from the stylish life to work in sweatpants. At the end of the day, it’s all about what makes you feel confident!

How To Make Your Own Dress Code As A Freelancer

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