Animals Interviews

Mindy Tenenbaum Helps Dogs Get Adopted Through Canine Genetic Testing

Mindy Tenenbaum is the President of Canadian Dog Group Ltd, a canine genetic testing company she founded in 2008. She is actively involved in the canine rescue community and holds an active board position on a canine rescue organization. She also assists the ASPCA in emergency shelter response and criminal cases as part of their …

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Animals Hair Stylist Interviews

Ashley Odom Not Only Grooms Your Pet, She Can Also Safely Tattoo Them, Color Their Hair, Paint Their Nails, And Give Them Feather Extensions!

Diamonds in the Ruff was founded by Master Groomer, Ashley Odom; with over 9 years of experience in the grooming industry and a strong passion for enhancing the beauty of pets. Ashley strives to create an environment where both the pet and pet parent can enjoy a trip to the grooming salon without feeling apprehensive. …

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