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Steph Palermo Helps People Align With Their True Purpose

What you’ll learn in this interview:

  • The best email marketing platform
  • 3 top books you need to read to grow as a business owner
  • 2 pieces of solid business advice
  • The 1 brand she loves to use for her skincare
  • The 3 things she does to stay fit
  • 3 indispensable items in her life
  • 1 inspirational female entrepreneur she admires

Steph Palermo interview on ladybossbloggerBusiness Lifestyle

What do you do? Who do you help?

Steph is an international speaker, radio host, empathic messenger, published author and radio host who draws from living with a limb difference, Sicilian heritage personality and humor to share her message with the world.

Her clients are midlifers and divorcee’s starting over!

Top Resources

What are the top business resources you’d recommend?


  • ConvertKit – best way to stay in contact with clients and leads.

convertkit ladybossblogger

What are your favorite courses, websites or books?



unfu*k yourself ladybossblogger

Best Advice

What is the best piece of advice you have received:

  • “Do the hardest thing first.” – Jamie Palmer

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs:

  • Just do it!

entrepreneur advice on ladybossbloggerBusiness Lifestyle

What is your beauty/fitness routine?



  • Boxing
  • Hot yoga
  • Elliptical and lifting weights

elaine sterling skincare ladybossblogger

What products are indispensable in your life?

Chanel Mademoiselle ladybossblogger

Business Models

Which female entrepreneur(s) do you look up to and why?

Jamie Palmer started her business in college and continues to be successful and helps so many!

jaime palmer ladybossbloggerStay In Contact

List your social media platforms.

Steph Palermo interview on ladybossblogger

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