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12 Ways To Fix Your Pitches When You’re Not Getting Responses

Pitching yourself to brands, blogs and businesses is essential to making money online. Unfortunately, there’s a ton of people who want to make money online, so your competition level is going to be high. The good news is, with the right techniques, it’s easy to make you and your blog stand out from the crowd! …

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How To Use Pinterest To Get Traffic

Although Pinterest is classified as “social media,” it operates differently than other platforms. The best way to think about Pinterest is as a search engine. Users find pins based on keywords and similarities to previous pin images. Pinterest = Visual Google So when we talk about using Pinterest to bring more traffic to your blog, …

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How To Use Pinterest And Instagram To Grow Your E-Commerce Business

The best platforms to use if you run an e-commerce store are, by far, Pinterest and Instagram. This post will give you a SNEAK PEEK into the social media marketing strategies you can use to make your business more profitable! To create a social media marketing strategy, you must go through 4 phases: Build a foundation Create a …

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10 Mistakes Every New Blogger Makes And How To Avoid Them

As a new blogger, your biggest goal is to look like you’re not a new blogger. Looking like a rookie doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in your content. So even though you may BE a rookie, you certainly don’t have to ACT like one. There are 10 mistakes that most new bloggers make right off the …

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20 Things To Remember When You Feel Discouraged As A Blogger

There will inevitably come a time in every blogger’s journey when they want to quit. If you’re stuck in a time of discouragement and find yourself questioning whether or not you really have what it takes to be a blogger, this post is for you! When you’re at a blogging low point, here are 20 …

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10 Tips And Tricks To Conquer Your To-Do List Like A Pro

You know in the cartoons when a character gets a list of chores that they unroll to find it’s more than a mile long? I know that’s supposed to be an assuming exaggeration, but too often, that’s the exact size of my to-do list! As impossible as it seems, you CAN conquer your mile-long to-do …

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7 Ways To Increase Twitter Engagement

#thestruggleisreal when it comes to getting engagement on Twitter. Even though I’m sure your tweets are incredibly witty, informational and beautiful, getting followers to actually retweet, like, or reply to them is a whole different ball game. Why is engagement important? Well, having 100,000 followers is great, but if none of them ever actually interact …

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How To Start A Blog To Market Your Business

Ignore your real-estate agent, the best location for your business is ONLINE. We buy our products on social media and find our doctors, lawyers, dentists and even friends through Google. The key to growing your business is having a strong online presence. But it’s no longer enough to just buy a couple of Google or …

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How To Keep Publishing New Content Without A Team of Writers

Picture this: You’re reading an article about blogging (maybe right here on LadyBossBlogger), and the author says they gained a following by posting every single day. I don’t know about you, but when I hear the words “you need to publish new content every day,” l have a half a mind to stop right there …

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17 Things Great Bloggers Do Differently

Blogger’s envy: the feeling you get when you open a blog page that somehow looks professional, has good content, makes money, and has followers. The great bloggers seem to have this way of pulling it all together to make an amazing product that is hard to turn down. But, here’s the thing: that could be …

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