Aundra Williams Helps Faith Bloggers Build Successful Coaching Programs

Aundra Williams interview

Aundra Williams helps established faith bloggers build successful coaching programs to make their first $1k-$5k in business without using affiliate marketing or ad display.

1. How have you monetized your blog?

I monetize my blog by selling services/coaching program for bloggers who are looking to ditch affiliate marketing and ad display on their blog.

2. What is your best monetization advice to bloggers?

The biggest advice I would tell bloggers who are looking to monetize is to think long-term. Pitching to brands and affiliate marketing isn’t a sustainable business model; create and sell your own service.

3. What are some daily things you do that attribute to your blog’s success?

When aiming to build and add success to your blog, be consistent in your marketing. Despite if it looks like nothing is happening, keep showing up.

4. What are your thoughts on faith and money?

I believe that God has given us all the knowledge and resources on how to build wealth. Your website is one of the revenues you’re choosing to build wealth from.

5. What is the best advice you have personally received as a blogger?

The best advice I received is that “your blog growth cannot exceed past your personal growth.” If you think lowly of yourself, it will show in your blog content, website layout, etc.


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