About Us

The story behind the origin of Ladybossblogger…

Before starting ladybossblogger.com, Elaine Rau was in the wedding industry in Chicago and worked as a National Wedding Sales Manager before she moved to Honduras on August 1, 2016. She loved what she did, but was super burnt out from working 10AM-10PM every single day, basically from when she opened her eyes to when she closed them at night! On top of that, she was tired of being so far away from her fiance who lived in Honduras… so she decided to quit, pack up her entire life in one suitcase, and move to Honduras! Unfortunately, it was not as smooth a transition as she imagined it would be. There were ZERO job opportunities for her and not being able to speak Spanish didn’t help at all! So one miserable day when she was stuck at home feeling extremely sad and frustrated because she had spent all her savings traveling down there, buying a car, and settling in… she decided to buy a website to give herself something to do. She decided to write about the people that she wanted to be and encourage them instead of focusing on herself. Once her focus shifted from herself to highlighting others, her problems felt so much smaller because she suddenly felt useful again and that she was contributing to the world!

The mission of the blog…

The mission behind Ladybossblogger is to elevate women, specifically women in business who are making huge strides in bridging the gender gap in the entrepreneurial world. There are so many other platforms out there that highlight women’s sexuality or other aspects of women’s looks, like how the press covers women athletes – when it should be focused on the sport, they focus on their beauty and clothing. So Elaine wanted to make a clean platform where women were valued for what they actually do instead of coating it with layers of distractions that don’t apply. She wants Ladybossblogger to be a place where women come to learn, network and be featured.

If you would like to donate…

Please do so here: paypal.me/ladybossblogger. Your donation will go directly towards investments to further the blog’s reach. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!

Do you want to be part of the blog?

Do you have a lady friend who started her own business and want her to be featured? Are you a female entrepreneur yourself and want to be in our next blog post? We would absolutely LOVE to hear from you, learn from you and what you do, and of course share your story. Please go to our Contact Us page to let us know. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Check out some of our testimonials…

thumbbbb“It was such pleasure to work with @ladybossblogger! Very professional and my interview went through the roof on social media. It was great exposure and she blasted it in more ways than one. I am so glad I was able to connect with her and I am hoping to do more business along side with her!!! #ladybosses” – Crystal Young 8izrr4rzt


“My interview was nothing short of amazing… Ladybossblogger article of B.O.Essentials All natural skin care was right on time. We got back so much positive feedback regarding our article. Elaine Rau keep doing great things.” – Christina King Rogers 8izrr4rzt



“LadyBossBlogger was amazing to work with! We connected on instagram and I am so glad we did! She gave me an opportunity to share my story with more people to ultimately have the opportunity to help even more people. I loved the article she posted and I got a lot of traction on my Facebook with it! She was professional and her blog portrays that greatly.” – Lindsey Mango 8izrr4rzt


“I am humbly grateful that Ladybossblogger gave me the opportunity to share my business! My interview was amazing! So many people reached out to me to say they enjoyed reading my interview and are more aware of my brand and services! Thank you so much for your work!” – Nesha Griffin 8izrr4rzt

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