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Julie & Stacey Invented The Only 4-in-1 Chair That Converts To A Cart

Julie Weldon discovered her greatest joy lies in helping business-minded people live each day to its fullest so she started A Salty Rim for business coaching and consulting. Weldon also launched a Kickstarter in Fall 2018 for a new outdoors brand O.M.E. Gear. She co-hosts the podcast, GSD Entrepreneur, to talk about business, life and getting …

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Melissa Strahan Exposes The Health And Beauty Benefits Of Red & Infrared Light Therapy

One of four cofounders, Melissa Strahan, is the heart and soul of Joovv. Her desire to connect and love on each of her customers is something that makes her truly special and the reason why she thrives as head of the relationships team. Melissa is best described in two words: compassionate and resourceful. She has …

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