Working From Home: The Drawbacks And The Benefits

Working From Home_ The Drawbacks And The Benefits

Due to recent events, you may find that you enjoy working from home. However, working from home isn’t a good fit for everyone and can be very stress inducing, especially given the circumstances.

During COVID times, working from home is most likely your only option so we are here to help you find the benefits (and sometimes the draw backs) of working from home. 

1. Sustainability!

You may not have realized this yet, but working from home supports sustainable initiatives! Working from home eliminates the commute to work which is one of the biggest ways corporations can cut back of their carbon footprint!

Not to mention being all online saves paper!

When you work from home you have the control which means you can choose to monitor your air conditioning, heating, or lighting to make a huge difference!

If you ever feel down while you are at home, know that you are making a difference not only on an environmental level but also with the health and safety of others.

2. Saves You Money

Working from home eliminates the need for commuting to work, cutting down on your gas consumption (cutting back benefits the environment!).

It also eliminates the need to spend money on coffee, snacks and lunch, which can cost hundreds over the course of a month. Additionally, you won’t have a specific attire, ending the need for buying new clothes and accessories often.

Although the commute to work may have been a nice time to gather yourself before starting the long work day, there are silver linings here! Embrace your home brewed coffee, wearing your comfy pajamas for work, and saving money while working from home.

3. Flexibility

Working from home gives you the freedom to create your own work schedule. This is especially beneficial if you have kids to take to school or you are not really a morning person.

This kind of flexible schedule can be a cause of anxiety for people who are accustomed to routine schedules. If that is the case for you, make yourself a schedule and hold yourself accountable to follow it.

If you make a schedule it will give you a sense of routine and normality which can aid in easing some of the anxiety you could be struggling with.

This flexibility can help you make time for activities or self care time that would not normally fit into your work schedule.

Some things you might be struggling with while working from home:

1. Office Space

At work you have an office in which to conduct business. When you need to avoid noise and other distractions, you simply close the door. You also have all the essential pieces of equipment such as a computer, a printer, a shredder, a desk and a comfortable chair. Having the proper set up will help you improve efficiency.

Working from home might take away your quiet office sanctuary. We recommend that you create a space for yourself for WORK only. Wherever you choose to have this space make sure it stays clean and ready for work!

2. Distractions

If you have children, pets, crazy roommates or all the above, life can become pretty hectic at certain times during the day.

Unfortunately, this can make it difficult for you to hold things like a video conference or make necessary phone calls. It’s wise to have a talk with your family or roommates to make a plan about how to go about creating a functional work environment at home.

Communication is key when you are living and working from home with others, so make sure they are aware of your schedule and you are away of theirs.  

Do not forget that your phone or the television can be distractions too. Powering down can help you focus during your at home work hours.

3. Isolation

At the office you have other employees around to converse with. When you work at home, you are alone. Over time, this can affect your mental health. One way to avoid this is to play music and take breaks where you leave the home and take a walk outdoors. 

If you are feeling lonely in isolation, take a break and call up a friend or relative and take a walk outside. Mental health is very important and is something that you need to be mindful of especially in quarantine.

Working from home can be very difficult. You may struggling with finding motivation to work, exercise, or communicate with friends or family. You should know that you are NOT alone in feeling this way and it is completely normal.

Take some of the pressure off, take this time in isolation to relax and cut yourself some slack. Just because you have a lot of time at home does not mean you have to constantly being doing all the things you never had time for.

Working from home can be difficult but we are all in this together! Hopefully this article helps you see the positives to working from home as well.

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