Why Sending PR Is ESSENTIAL For New Businesses

We all see PR packages every time we log on to social media. Sometimes, we may not even realize that’s what we’re seeing.

There are many ways to market your new business to the world, but one of the most innovative ways that’s now crucial for entering the marketplace is sending PR packages.

These packages may include a discount code for your brand, items your brand sells, or sometimes, even merch for your brand.

Here are 3 reasons sending PR is ESSENTIAL for your new business.

1. Spreads Awareness Of The Brand

Sending PR packages to influencers and celebrities spreads word of the product in their world, but it also can spread the word to their followers.

Many influencers post the products on their social media accounts, especially if they’re given a discount code with the product to share with their followers.

These influencers and celebrities may even decide that your business is their new fave and continue to post about you. This gives your business more exposure and a chance to be a celebrity or influencer favorite.

2. More Cost-Effective Than Traditional Influencer Marketing

Let’s be honest, as a new business, your funds are limited. PR packages are much cheaper to send than hiring a large influencer who can charge thousands of dollars per post.

For a chance of similar benefits, it is much more cost-effective to send a celebrity or influencer a PR package rather than pay for a post.

3. Builds Relationships

Building relationships with influencers and celebrities that fit your brand’s target market is essential to your new business.

New businesses need good publicity, which influencers and celebrities have the power to give. Staying in contact and sending free items to these people can be a great way to build a good relationships with them. This way, they’re more likely to have good things to say about your business.

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Lily Scott is a blogging intern at LadyBossBlogger. She currently attends LIM College in New York City and is studying the business of fashion and visuals for social media.

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