Why Having A Paper Agenda Is Essential

Why Having a Paper Agenda is Essential LadyBossBlogger

Quarantine has been a difficult time for everyone. As our world is dominated by virtual meetings, it can be difficult to keep track of your life. Electric calendars can help, but the constant notifications can feel overwhelming. Although it might seem old-fashioned, I’ve found paper agendas very helpful. Read on to learn why!

Electric Calendar

Phones and laptops have made life easier in a lot of aspects. While it is nice to have your calendar with everything else you need (contacts, email, etc.)

However, I have found there are too many notifications when it comes to your phone. With social media notifications and texts coming and going, a lot of things can get caught in the shuffle.

Although the electric calendar has aspects of adding notes to a certain event, it’s very easy to miss if you’re just looking for alarms.

Paper Agenda

Now onto the fun part! A paper agenda allows me to have some fun when it comes to scheduling my life.

I usually start by finding a print I really like. There’s a bunch of cute designs from Lily Pulitzer. My current one is an adorable pattern from Kate Spade.

However, a name-brand agenda can be a bit pricey. If you’re looking for something more affordable, there are tons of options on Amazon or even at your local Homegoods.

From there, I really like to get some cute colored pens. It makes organizing more fun and allows me to feel like I’m being productive in a colorful way.

When I first get a new agenda, I more often than not start with writing down all my classes for the week. I fill up to about two months! It might seem tedious, especially since I will eventually have my class schedule memorized, but it is extremely helpful to see how booked my week ease as soon as I open the agenda.

From there, I can feel in various homework assignments or appointments I have. Then, my adorable little agenda goes everywhere with me!

Organization and Mental Health

Quarantine has not been fun for anyone. As someone already prone to anxiety and procrastination, the sudden complete shift in my schedule was extremely difficult to handle. With so much of my daily life already occurring online, it was really nice to be able to put some things back on paper.

It may seem silly, and maybe more inconvenient for certain people. A paper agenda for me, however, has really helped me find some consistency in the chaos of our present.

Check out some paper agendas today!

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Why Having a Paper Agenda is Essential LadyBossBlogger
Why Having a Paper Agenda is Essential LadyBossBlogger

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