What You Need To Know To Start A Blog

What You Need To Know To Start A Blog

In the world of millennials, you might be shocked (or not so shocked) to find out that the printed word is dying. While it’s easy to pick up a magazine in the checkout aisle of your preferred grocery store, you most likely aren’t going in search of one.

The 20th century and early 2000s was a great time for magazine prints, but millennials and Generation Z are looking for more readily available information, and it doesn’t even have to be about celebrities.

The 2010s brought the boom of blogging for two reasons.

1. People are curious.

Whether they’re in search of the inner details of someone’s life or need tips, tricks, and hacks, they’re ready to find that information on a blog.

2. People like to talk and share.

Blogging could be a mental release, but it could also be someone’s way of sharing information they think others would benefit from. If you’re the latter and want to share your life and wisdom with the netizens (Internet citizens), you’re probably ready to start your own blog.

Here are 5 tips on starting your own blog.

What You Need To Know To Start A Blog

1. Decide What You Want to Talk About

When you decide to start a blog, the most important thing you can do is decide what you want it to be about. If you love to travel and are able to do so often, you might want your blog to be a chronicle of your wanderlust.

For those who have transformed their lives into a health journey, you’d probably stick to topics surrounding gym and exercise.

While many bloggers have a niche, your blog can simply be your lifestyle which means that all topics of your life are fair game from a date gone wrong to a weekend trip with a friend.

2. Choose Your Audience

Choosing your blog topic is important, but choosing your target audience is what’s going to help you focus on the kind of content you plan to create.

Using the example of a health blog, deciding whether to target those looking to lose weight or those looking to maintain their weight loss will make the tone of the content stronger.

3. Pick a Catchy Name

Before deciding on a blog name, you need to think long and hard! Once you decide on a name and your following begins to grow, you can’t change it without the risk of losing your audience.

Come up with a few names and bounce them off of your friends or colleagues to see which is the most memorable. If people can easily remember your blog name, you’re already winning.

4. Learn the Basics of SEO

You can’t run a successful blog without knowing the basics of SEO. Search engine optimization is what’s going to put your blog and your content at the top of a Google search.

Learning the ins and outs of SEO will help make your content more visible to the audience you’re trying to build.

5. Be Consistent

If you want to start a blog, starting is only half the battle. Consistency is essential when you’re trying to build your following.

Prior to starting, make a list of topics that you can write about and keep them on hand for dry spells.

If you decide to post three times a week or even just once, keep to that schedule so your fellow netizens know when to expect your content.

Starting a blog might seem like a daunting thing, but with the right steps and help, you can get started the right way! If you’re still in need for a few more tips and reassurance, your successful blog launch is only a click away.

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  1. Dominic Star

    Thanks for posting such a wonderful post lady boss blogger. Found your website from Instagram. You are killing it. I have just started my first microblog which is on tips for new moms who wants to get into shape and get back their natural look. I have posted 30 plus content and thanks to your guideline getting some reach from my audiences. Much love and keep posting these wonderful blog posts.

    1. Elaine Rau

      Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂

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