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5 Benefits Of Using A VoIP Integration For Your Business

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It has been two decades since VoIP became popular.

What in the world is VoIP?

VoIP is the technology that converts your voice into a digital signal, allowing you to make a call directly from a computer, a VoIP phone, or other data-driven devices.

It’s a preferred means of communication instead of a PBX system and conventional landlines.

Future Market Insights states that VoIP service is expected to generate revenue of a whopping $24.74 billion this year.

There are many other benefits of integrating VoIP into your business, let’s dive into the top 5.

5 Benefits Of Using A VoIP Integration For Your Business

1. Low Cost

It’s expensive to use a regular landline for long-distance calls. With a VoIP service, businesses are allowed to make a certain number of long-distance calls FOR FREE. You’ll also see a massive reduction in the costs for both domestic and long-distance calls.

2. Increases Mobility

An agile and flexible communication system plays a substantial role in the growth of a business. A VoIP system is quite flexible and allows you to answer calls on the go instead of being tied to a landline.

With regular phones, you’re limited to one phone line per system. With VoIP, only bandwidth limits you, and you can make thousands of connections!

3. Versatile Functionalities

VoIP lets you…

  1. Forward voicemail and messages easily
  2. Connect multiple people on a single call
  3. Save money on traveling because you can communicate from the comfort of your home/office
  4. Connect your service on your smartphone and take your number with you wherever you go
  5. Choose where your phone rings and how so that you never miss a call because you can transmit the call to a second or even a third device

VoIP phone service offers you with features you could have only imagined about two decades ago.

4. Easy Integration With Business Systems

For staff who often have to work in remote locations, they can access their voicemail accounts and even get voice mail transcriptions with some hosted VoIP phone systems.

This feature converts the voicemail into a text message that can redirect to their email account if you set it up in this way so you can save time listening to voicemails and respond to them via email right away.

5. Effective Client Interaction

A VoIP lets you stay connected at minimal cost and is much more convenient than the traditional phone line. There are no limitations of geographical boundaries as you can operate your business from anywhere.

Recommended Service

If you are just starting and don’t want to pay too much on VoIP service, you should consider AxVoice. AxVoice is a VoIP service that is not only affordable but allows you to enjoy 30+ calling features.

It allows you to:

  • Remotely manage your calls
  • Use the service on a smartphone
  • Deliver excellent call quality
    • Even in case of a poor internet connection, your call quality won’t suffer because of Axvoice’s support with low-bandwidth codecs
  • Offers budget-friendly packages to both small and large businesses.
  • An expansive range of packages you could choose from
  • The setup and installation process is easy as it comes with a plug-and-play option

It is currently offering the lowest domestic and international calling rates for the U.S and Canada. VoIP already plays a significant role in cutting costs, and with AxVoice, you can certainly save a bunch which you could productively allocate somewhere else.

5 Benefits Of Using A VoIP Integration For Your Business

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