How To Go Viral On VSCO

Viral VSCO

VSCO is a platform where you can share photos and edit pictures. The app is more expressive and photography-focused than Instagram. Many users post pictures they might not otherwise share on Instagram. Here they can curate their aesthetic, fun moments, and beautiful scenery in a setting more relaxed than other social media platforms. However, like other platforms, you can go viral and become a popular creator on VSCO. Here are some tips on how to go viral on VSCO.

1. Draw inspiration

When trying to discover how exactly you want to angle your VSCO profile, it may be helpful to draw inspiration from other accounts you like. Check out other profiles on VSCO and note which ones you are drawn to.

What type of posts do you like? By discovering what you like, you can learn what type of content you might want to post on your VSCO account.

While it can be useful to draw inspiration from other creators, it’s important to stay authentic and creative. You may like how someone else posts on the platform, but always remember to put your own spin and flare into your posts.

2. Create an aesthetic

Nothing is more pleasing to viewers’ eyes than a clear aesthetic on someone’s account. Creating a clear theme can allow you to stand out among other disorganized pages.

By having a clear aesthetic you will be able to find an audience that shares your vision. This will cause them to follow along with your posts and increase your engagement, allowing you to go viral on VSCO.

3. Edit tastefully

Editing you post is often one of the funniest parts of VSCO. Transforming your post using the filters and tools on the app can allow you to achieve your vision.

While editing your pictures, it’s important to remember not to get carried away. Often it’s easy to go overboard with all filters.

Don’t worry! If you find editing pictures hard at first, just remembers it takes practice. Try practicing editing pictures, or try editing posts a couple times before coming up with the final version to post.

Tools such as changing the intensity of filters and white balance can prevent your photos from looking overedited. While filters are fun, you want to avoid making your photo unclear, blurry or overly saturated.

4. Limit people

While often the photos we take the most of are those of our family and friends. While these photos might mean the most to us, they might not be as popular with your audience on VSCO.

Often the most popular posts on VSCO are ones that are relatable to the audience. This includes places, outfits and food.

Photos of important people in your life are likely to receive less engagement as they don’t resonate with your audience. However, you can still post these pictures, but just don’t make it the majority of your content.

Additionally, taking creative, aesthetic photos of your loved ones can allow for your psot to go viral. If created in the right way your picture might becomes someones’ friend, couple, or sister goals.

5. Use quotes

On VSCO one type of content post that’s extremely popular is quotes. Quotes have the ability to be relatable to a wide range of people. They can be motivating making them attractive to many people.

Finding quotes in the world and snapping a pick is great content for your VSCO. Make sure to edit it to match your aesthetic.

VSCO is a popular platform so showcasing photos and your creativity. It can allow you a place to post the things you love and snapshots of your life. By following these steps you can become popular on the app and go viral on VSCO.

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Viral VSCO

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