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Vimeo video marketing

Multimedia content attracts millions of users. Videos present information in an easy-to-digest way that allows businesses to focus user attention on the key points. Therefore, videos are effective marketing tools for promoting companies across platforms and establishing trusting relationships with a wide audience and there are great tools available. For example, Vimeo is a platform that can help you amp up your video marketing.

About 100 million users watch videos every day, and 90% of people say that video impacts their decision to buy a product. Additionally, 26% of users start looking for information about the product they see in the video. Though it may seem difficult at first glance you should integrate videos into your digital marketing strategy. Subsequently, there are tools such as Vimeo that can help to amp up your video marketing strategy.

Video marketing benefits

Video content can be very powerful on platforms for your brand. A video’s format is equally important, regardless if you use DaVinci Resolve vs Hitfilm or Movavi. For example, here are a couple of reasons why you should give preference to the video format for the content that you produce:

  • Significantly increases traffic
  • Helps to build customer trust and loyalty
  • Perceive information through video.
  • Video content can be viral

Ultimately, videos play an important role in your content marketing strategy and can bring hundreds of new users to your site. However, there are many factors that may affect your video marketing success. Above all, a video hosting platform is one of the things that can impact your efforts.

Vimeo can be a great resource, as the service helps you make your multimedia content even better and more accessible for your audience. At first, it may seem daunting, but using Vimeo is easier than it may look. Therefore, use the steps below to find learn more on how to use Vimeo to drive your video marketing.

Vimeo summary

Vimeo is a great service for posting and embedding videos on your pages. It’s more accessible to users than Wistia and more interesting to viewers than YouTube. The first to provide the ability to add videos in HD back in 2007, Vimeo is now one of the most popular video hosting services on the web. The platform is used by e-commerce organizations, marketing businesses, educational platforms, and creative people alike to produce videos.

Additionally, the platform is rather flexible and offers different features to its users depending on their needs. For example, they offer a pack of marketing and analytics tools to professional instruments for video editing.

1. Make your video attractive

Vimeo comes with a whole set of different widgets allowing you to make your video content look aesthetically pleasing on the page. For example, ensure smooth and comfortable user flow on your site, highlight the pieces of content that are of the highest value to your audience.   

1. Video showcase

Use Vimeo to create a simple and engaging video collection on your site. The convenient video player allows you to find out immediately which video will be loaded next. Also, it allows you to switch between different videos using arrows or drag and drop files.

2. Video carousel

The platform is a great example of integrating a widget into the content area of ​​a website. Almost all elements containing detailed information about videos are disabled so as not to overwhelm the site interface. The video can play in the pop-up window, so there will be nothing to distract you.

3. Video list

The video list is a minimalistic way for you to showcase multiple videos on the page. Using this feature allows videos to be presented in the form of a list. Additionally, it’s great for those who do not want to clutter up the pages of their site.

4. Playlist player

The Playlist layout feature is a useful tool if you want to create a playlist with a specific order. It shows users a selection of numbered videos, which can be watched one by one. Meanwhile, you can add in an autoplay option to have more users view your next video, making this a great tool for publishing content.

5. Channel widget

The Channel widget is an interesting way of integrating an entire Vimeo channel into a website page. You can preserve the color scheme of the website as you have the ability to change the colors of the interface elements. Also, the widget allows each video can be viewed directly. Additionally, users can see descriptions, statistics, share a video, or subscribe to a channel.

2. Create effective video content

Vimeo is not only a great video hosting service, but it’s also an effective tool for video production and editing that’ll allow you to make great videos at low costs.

Here are some additional useful features that Vimeo offers for video marketing:

  • Enhancer allows you to add a soundtrack to your videos
  • Video School which features how-to and best-practice videos on Vimeo
  • Collections so you can add your multimedia files to your portfolios, albums, channels, or groups
  • Video editor to add text, music, and adjust colors
  • Video versioning and tracking give you version history and time-coded notes.

These features will allow you to personalize your videos with ease, making creating fun and enjoyable.

Although Vimeo has many free features, it’s important to note that Vimeo’s free basic version limits access to advanced tools. To get all features on the platform, you will need to pay for a subscription. The choice is up to you and you can always upgrade your subscription if you find you want to discover more cool tools.

3. Analyze your content performance

Creating interesting video content and ensuring a seamless viewer journey on your site is important. Above all, it’s important to know how well your video content performs and how to improve it. Vimeo is a tool that can be used to analyze these aspects of your content along with its other features. Here is what the solution offers:

  • Video stats to get the number of views, which are watched to the end, and read all comments
  • Content analytics shows video engagement graphs, average viewing time, live stats, and total plays.
  • Content optimization can add CTAs to the videos you embed on pages, such as clickable buttons and video interaction cards, to send viewers to your website, landing page, or other target destination.

With Vimeo, there is no need to purchase an extra tool to assess video content effectiveness and weak points. This feature is already covered in the advanced pack of the solution. 


Using the above features on Vimeo, you get access to countless video management solutions. You can get access ordinary video hosting, meanwhile using video production instruments and strong tools for analytics. All the tools available on Vimeo are designed to make your video marketing strategy even more effective in an easy way. 

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