Victoria Patterson Helps Others Navigate The Property World

Victoria Patterson interview

Victoria Patterson is a property developer and interior designer who guides others in their property and interior design endeavors.

1. When did you get on Instagram?

I started five months ago, a new start to 2021.

2. What topics do you post about?

Property development, interiors, and a little bit of lifestyle.

I like to try and help as many people as possible, rather than be if they are building a self-build, want to enter the property world or just a question on paint colors.

3. How did you decide to post about those topics?

We are going to be selling some of our own homes pretty soon, and I knew a local social following would help get our new homes and company brand out there.

Showcasing some of our top developments and some behind the scenes shots have been such a hit.

4. Which types of posts seem to get the most engagement for you?

I would most definitely say reels on my advice. A topic that my audience can get value from and learn.

5. What business course do you recommend?

I completed a mini MBA which I found useful, but most recently I finished my real estate and economics course online at London business school of economics which I very much recommend.

6. What business book do you recommend?

7. List your social media links (and blog if you have one).


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