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Top 5 Social Media Resources

There are literally dozens of social media resources out there, and some of them work much better than others. Honestly though, some of them make me wonder if the designers have any concept at all about what a user interface (UI) is in the first place, or why it matters. Those are obviously the resources that didn’t make the cut. So, without anymore ado, here are my top 5 social media resources.

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneur Haley Lynn Gray on ladybossblogger social media


If you are posting regularly on social media, an auto-scheduler is a must. There is no way to be consistent without an auto-scheduler.

Social Quant

If you are at all into Twitter, Social Quant is your absolute best tool for helping find followers and getting them to follow you back. 


You can research almost anything on Pinterest. The cool thing is that you can actually do topic and keyword research on Pinterest, and have it yield fabulous information about what you should be posting on social media!

Acuity Scheduler

Too many times on social media we end up trying to schedule appointments with people in other time zones. In order to connect, we need a good scheduling tool that helps us stay on track and figure out where we are going.

Board Booster

If you haven’t tried Board Booster, you should definitely try it out. It is fabulous, and it will help you get your Pinterest boards to where they need to be in no time!

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneur Haley Lynn Gray on ladybossblogger social media

So many tools, so little time. These are the top tools that help me keep on track! I would be lost without them. There will always be more out there, and I’m constantly hopping from one to the next, but these are my favorites!

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneur Haley Lynn Gray on ladybossblogger social media

Haley Lynn Gray is CEO and Founder of Leadership Girl, a digital marketing agency, where she uses her skills as a sales and marketing strategist and social media expert to help small business owners grow their business.


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Suresha B

Helpful post 🙂


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