Tiffany Nicole Helps Christians Find Their Identity In God

Tiffany Nicole interview

Tiffany Nicole is a Christian blogger who shares her experiences and knowledge about faith to empower other Christians in their own walk with the Lord.

1. When did you start blogging?

I started blogging in January 2017.

2. Why did you start your blog?

The idea of starting a blog actually came to me while going through a really hard season of my life.

I was going through a divorce and was struggling with who I was now and the purpose for my life. It was in this season that the Lord gave me the vision of my blog and business, and I never looked back.

3. What topics do you blog about?

I am a Christian blogger, so I write about all aspects of the Christian walk!

However, recently I’ve been writing a lot about who we are in Christ and our identity in Christ. I feel like this topic is so powerful for Christians to understand.

I also love writing on Bible study tips and unpacking common questions I hear like, how to hear from God, etc.

4. How did you decide to blog about those topics?

I honestly just started out writing on the common questions I had as a new Christian.

I figured that if I was struggling with understanding certain aspects of the Christian faith, then there’s a good chance other people are, too.

5. What specific steps did you take to launch your blog?

I dove straight in by paying for a domain and a host and committing myself to posting to my blog once a week.

It was a huge learning curve and a lot of work, but I was so passionate about what I was doing I didn’t even care – I loved it from the beginning!

6. How do you combine your faith with your blog?

Because I am specifically a Christian blogger, my faith is at the very core of my blog, so it’s not hard to combine my faith!

7. How do you get traffic to your blog?

I started by marketing to Pinterest which worked really well, and then I learned all about search engine optimization (SEO), which is how I primarily market my blog now.

8. What tools have attributed to your growth?

The greatest tool you can have is to always be in a mindset of growing and learning.

This industry is constantly changing so you always have to be willing to try new things, and pivot as technology changes and evolves.

9. What has been the most effective way to market your blog?

Pinterest and learning SEO for sure!

10. What has been challenging about blogging?

I’d say the most challenging part is working with social media platforms that are constantly changing.

It seems like as soon as you learn a new concept it’s out of date already and you’re having to test and retest on what works the best for your blog and business.

11. What specific steps did you take to overcome those challenges?

The best way to overcome these challenges is to always have an open mind and a willingness to learn and overcome when things aren’t working.

12. How has faith played a part in your growth?

I am always praying for guidance on how to be more effective at what I do.

I believe God wants us to work with excellence, so I pray for the ability to be the best in my own strength and for God’s blessing in the rest.

13. How have you monetized your blog?

I monetize my blog primarily through my online course, ads, and affiliate marketing.

I’ll also occasionally pick up the odd sponsored post if I feel it aligns with my brand.

14. What tools have helped you monetize?

I primarily monetize with an ad company I’ve been working with for a few years now, and through Amazon affiliates.

15. What is your best monetization advice to bloggers?

I’d say to definitely create your own products like courses, books, etc.!

16. What is the best advice you have personally received as a blogger?

To persevere!

It might take a while to get things off the ground, but if you persevere you will be successful.

17. What are some daily things you do that attribute to your blog’s success?

I feel consistency is a huge part of success.

On a daily basis you should be working towards your weekly and monthly goals like posting consistently, learning new skills, and interacting with your readers.

18. What are your thoughts on faith and money?

I definitely believe God wants us to prosper.

The Bible talks about money all the time, and I feel as believers we can stand in confidence that God wants good things for us, but we also need to understand that money can easily become an idol in our lives.

19. What blogging tool do you recommend and why?

If you learn SEO, I’d say Keysearch or another keyword research tool is a necessity.

20. What business course do you recommend?

Melyssa Griffin has a ton of courses that are very helpful! She offers lots of free information, but I started by purchasing her Pinterest course and then branched out from there with other courses that people recommended.

21. What business book do you recommend?

I actually don’t read many business books, but I should!

22. What other resources do you recommend?

I would join Facebook groups for your specific niche and interact with other people who are doing what you do. Community is key and you will find it to be super helpful!

23. What is your favorite scripture?

Lately I’ve been really loving Romans 4:18, “Even when there was no reason to hope, Abraham kept hoping – believing that he would become the father of many nations.”

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