The One Tool You Need To Skyrocket Your Influence

There is one tool that I discovered back in 2015 on accident that changed my life and business forever… it was podcasting.

Before I get into podcasting and how I have used and leveraged it to become an influencer and to connect with other influencers, I want to bring up Oprah.

We ALL love Oprah. Is Oprah an expert? Does she position herself as an expert?

NOPE! She is an influencer! She interviews experts, coaches, and actors. I don’t know about you, but I would like to be Oprah over being an expert.

In today’s crazy and loud world, thinking about being an expert is just phase one. The next level is learning to become an influencer in your field, network or community. 

This is where podcasting comes in. I never sought out to be a podcaster. I’m actually a marketer. I got into podcasting to sell my supplement products from a company I co-owned.

Amazingly, I went from having zero sales to over 1.5 million in just 18 months by using a combination of podcasting and email marketing.

The One Tool You Need To Skyrocket Your Influence

Why Podcasting Is So Powerful

1. Your Own Media Platform

It is always fun to be a guest on a blog, a radio show or a podcast. However, the real influence is when you are the owner of the blog or podcast. Ultimately this is where you start to have your message heard and have the opportunity to monetize it.

2. Access everywhere

Did you know Netflix did a deal with Sirix XM in Summer of 2018? Why would the largest distribution of paid video do a deal with the largest distribution of audio content in the world? Netflix wants to create content that is EVERYWHERE! Not just on your TV, but in your car and in your ears as well! We are not always staring at a screen, we are driving, we are on the treadmill, we are taking a walk… which is why audio learning has become increasingly popular.

3. Being Omnipresent

When you have your own podcast, you are essentially consistently creating content. When you are consistently creating content, daily or weekly or even monthly, you will be in front of more people and on top of mind. When you are on top of mind, that is when you can attract more clients to your business.

4. Attract High End Paying Clients

Many company executives find information and learn about new companies through podcasts. Podcasts attract people that want to learn and Podcast Positions you as the authority. Podcasting makes it super easy for new clients to discover you!

I use podcasting as a way to attract, grow, and monetize my marketing, coaching, and consulting business.

Did you ever notice that every comedian, actor, and real housewife has a podcast? Why? They’re focusing on increasing their influence.

I call it the influencer effect.

In today’s marketplace, to get someone’s attention and to grow your business, it’s just not enough to do Facebook Ads, SEO, or write a book. In today’s marketplace, you’ve gotta step up your game and be an influencer.

So, how do you do that?  

Start and launch a podcast, which is the first pillar of building an influencer brand and allowing highly qualified clients to come to you.

Why Podcasting Is So Powerful

Heather Ann Havenwood is a nationally syndicated radio show host of “Like A Boss: Insights with Influencers, Entrepreneurs and BadAss Women” She helps business owners market their message to drive sales to their business online and offline.