How A Telephone Answering Service Can Help Your Business

No matter how hi-tech we become, people will always communicate with people, and in a business environment, it is essential to have a polite and professional approach when answering the phone. You would never know the number of potential customers you could lose if you fail to answer the phone. Your phone lines can be very busy, especially after running an ad campaign and without the right resources, you could end up losing the majority of inquiries! If you are about to launch a new business enterprise and are lacking in resources, here are just a few of the reasons why a telephone answering service can be of great help.

Entrepreneur resources by female entrepreneurs How A Telephone Answering Service Can Help Your Business

Rapid and Professional Response

If a call is not answered within twenty seconds, it is likely the caller will hang up, and even more likely that they will find the products they were looking for from another supplier, and with technology being what it is, people expect a rapid response, which is exactly what you get with a telephone answering service that answers calls within 5 seconds.

Project a Corporate Image

Having a professional virtual receptionist answering incoming calls will certainly create the right image, and whether the caller needs to speak to someone, or leaves a message, the right response is implanted, keeping you informed at all times. You can have any phone number you wish, and with a prestigious CBD business address, your customers will surely be impressed.

Total Connectivity

With a telephone answering service, you have complete connectivity. Everything incoming is handled professionally and your instructions are followed to the letter. The virtual receptionist has your script in front of them, and whether the call needs to be transferred or a message taken, all incoming inquiries are handled competently. If you were thinking the phone is on its way out, refer to articles that examine the reasons why the telephone will always be essential for business.

Boost your Conversion Rates

Unanswered calls are bad for business, and any potential customer will not be impressed, but with a qualified receptionist who is fully briefed on the client’s business, all inquires will be well received. The advances in technology make people expect things at once, and an established telephone answering provider would claim to answer all calls within 5 seconds – which is quite impressive!

Cost Effective Solutions

Hiring staff to answer the telephone is a major expense, yet by using an established virtual office company, you can cost effectively ensure that all incoming calls are handled in a professional manner. The provider will have a selection of packages, allowing the customer to tailor the service to suit their business, and with services like temporary and seasonal cover, whatever happens, you are equipped to deal with it.

A virtual office service provider has all the necessary resources to handle any volume of calls, and if you would like to make contact with such a company, an online search is the best place to start. Once you talk to the service provider, you will be in a position to take advantage of a range of services that are designed to empower a business. All incoming calls will be handled in a polite and professional manner, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Entrepreneur resources by female entrepreneurs How A Telephone Answering Service Can Help Your Business

5 thoughts on “How A Telephone Answering Service Can Help Your Business

  1. ashleyturns94

    I appreciate you pointing out that an answering service can help present your business as more professional since there will always be someone there when people call. The company I work for has been considering getting an answering service since we have grown quite fast. I will be sure to tell my boss that he should get this type of system so that we can be sure we seem professional to our potential clients that call.

  2. Deb Pearl

    I agree that unanswered calls aren’t very good for any business. I think it would be very smart to make sure that there is an answering provider that can pick up calls that the receptionist can’t. I wonder if my workplace could get something like that.

  3. Sarah Smith

    While I’ve always appreciated prompt service, I didn’t realize that a caller will hang up if their call hasn’t been answered within 20 seconds.

    With this in mind, I would definitely want to make sure any calls taken were answered quickly!

    If I were a business owner, I would hire an answering service company to take the calls because I would know they would be fast and professional such as

    1. Elaine Rau

      Thanks for sharing an additional and valuable resource!

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