8 Tech Influencers Who Are Killing It On Instagram

Tech influencers Instagram LadyBossBlogger.com

Tech is a growing field that tends to be male-dominated. Oftentimes women may feel out of place in these fields, so empowering them in these spaces is extremely important. Tech influencers have knowledge of their field to help others navigate the field, and can be looked at for inspiration. Here is a list of 8 tech influencers who are killing it on Instagram!

1. GirlKnowsTech

Tech influencers Instagram LadyBossBlogger.com

Looking for an inspiring woman in tech? Meet Marie, who runs the Instagram @girlknowstech.

Marie is a Master’s student in machine learning that is soon to be a data scientist. With an impressive resume including research at John Hopkins University, Marie also runs her Instagram, Youtube, and Blog.

Marie is passionate about tech and writing, making her role as a tech influencer and blogger a perfect fit. She empowers others in the field by sharing her own experience as a Woman in Tech.

Her posts consist of tips for interns, along with as days in her life, as she seeks to help guide girls in the field with her experience.

2. CoderGirl_

Tech influencers Instagram LadyBossBlogger.com

Laura is the definition of a cool girl in tech. She is a programmer in NYC, where she works as a full-stack developer for Zocdoc while also running her Instagram @codergirl_.

On her Instagram, she shares information on tech, fashion, and careers. Her audience, many of who wear her t-shirts that feature tech slogans, love her reels about coding that will make you laugh out loud.

By following Laura’s account, you will learn how to nail that tech interview while also laughing alongside other women in tech who get your struggle.

3. CodingBlonde

Tech influencers Instagram LadyBossBlogger.com

Masha is an entrepreneur, content creator, and educator, who is passionate about empowering women. She started her platform The Coding Blonde in 2015 when she learned to code and landed a job at Google. This was all before starting her own business – talk about a girl boss!

Masha’s mission is to break stereotypes and create a community on her blog, YouTube and Instagram @codingblonde. She has experience at numerous companies, has studied in 5 countries, and has worked in Marketing and Market research. This gives her a diverse mindset, ideal for empowering a wide range of women in tech.

On her Instagram, she posts career tips and funny reels. Masha also highlights other successful women in tech and emphases the importance of mental health. The variety of her content helps inform and entertain women in tech, helping to further empower women in the field.

4. TheTechCornr

Tech influencers Instagram LadyBossBlogger.com

Want career advice? Hosanna has you covered!

Hosanna started her career at Microsoft after getting her Master’s Degree in Computing and IT Management. Now she is a product lead in the Azure services space. On top of this, she has keynoted events such as Coders of Colour and Color in Tech to help bring diversity into the field of technology.

On her Instagram @thetechcornr, she seeks to “help women secure the tech bag”. She gives tips such as how to deal with imposter syndrome, which can be useful to women in tech. She also gives advice such as how she prepped for her Microsoft interview. Hosana posts fun reels and she runs a TikTok you should definitely check out!

With her expert advice, Hosanna fulfills her goal to inform, inspire and empower. She helps to make tech a more inclusive field, making her one of the tech influencers on Instagram you should check out!

5. ThatCodingYogi

Tech influencers Instagram LadyBossBlogger.com

Share a passion for yoga and coding? Check out Antonella’s profile.

Antonella is a computer science student and an incoming intern at Microsoft this summer. She runs a blog and Instagram, @thatcodingyogi.

Antonella documents her journey as a computer science student and her active lifestyle. She keeps an aesthetic feed while also highlighting the importance of mindfulness.

As a successful Latina and woman in STEM, she is an inspiration as she helps to guide others in the field.

6. MsBrandyMorgan

Tech influencers Instagram LadyBossBlogger.com

Brandy is a developer, coder, and designer. She is a digital agency owner, founder of @doschool.co. On top of this, she also runs her YouTube channel and Instagram @msbrandymorgan.

On her Instagram, she shares her experiences freelancing and seeks to motivate others. Brandy gives tips such as how to meet clients’ needs, grow your business, and good tools to use.

She also shares her day-to-day life while maintaining her stylish, aesthetic feed. Her reels are both informative and funny, as they draw on her career freelancing.

Between Brandy’s motivational content and cohesive feed, she is a must-follow of tech influencers on Instagram.

7. Lenora.Porter

Tech influencers Instagram LadyBossBlogger.com

Want a self proclaimed Hype-Woman? Check out Lenora’s profile.

Lenora is a former school teacher turned front-end developer and user experience designer. She is also a tech influencer running her blog and Instagram @lenora.porter.

On her Instagram profile, she shares advice on coding, design, and engineering. Her content includes portfolio tips and what she wishes she knew before starting her job as a UX designer.

Lenora fulfills her role as a “Fairy Godmama”, as she teaches creatives how to reach their career goals. If you want advice that seriously motivates you, give her a follow!

8. Sasha.Codes

Tech influencers Instagram LadyBossBlogger.com

Sasha is a Web Developer and UI/UX Engineer, who builds websites for a tech company in Silicon Valley. She also runs her Instagram account @sasha.codes and a YouTube channel.

On her Instagram, she shares coding tips and videos. She also shows her cute setup and gives advice to other women in the field. Sasha gives insights on her experiences working with brands such as Apple while also highlighting products she loves.

Sasha shares her daily life and thoughts with her audience, making her account feel personable despite her large following.

If you want a major inspo on your feed with a cute and cohesive aesthetic, definitely give Sasha a follow.

These 8 tech influencers have been killing it on Instagram, as they highlight women in the field. This visibility of women in tech is important for creating an inclusive environment where women feel free to follow their passions. By empowering tech influencers such as these, we can continue to empower the next generation of young girls.

Tech Influencers Instagram LadyBossBlogger.com

Alaine Meier is a blogging intern at LadyBossBlogger. She currently attends the College of the Holy Cross and is studying economics and environmental studies.

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