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Tara & Jamie Help Brands Thrive With Cutting Edge Social Media Marketing

Founded by two cousins on the beaches of Long Island, Savvy Sisters Media, Inc. is a growing digital public relations firm that specializes in social media marketing. On the cutting edge of change, your savvy sisters, Tara and Jamie, are here to thrive with your brand.

As students studying communications, Tara and Jamie are on top of all current trends, market updates, brand ideas, lifestyles, and more—using their millennial perspective on social media to get an edge up on the competition. Social media is constantly changing, and Savvy Sisters Media, Inc. is constantly changing with it.

Tara & Jamie Help Brands Thrive With Cutting Edge Social Media Marketing

What motivated and inspired you to start your own business?

Noticing an unmet need and to empower other women entrepreneurs.

How It Began ladybossblogger interview series on female entrepreneursTell us about your business.

Savvy Sisters is a fully digital public relations agency that does everything from content creation to online web development. Our savvy squad is on call 24/7 to exceed our client’s expectations and needs to provide their target audience with the most cutting-edge, original content.

List awards/certifications/accomplishments.

TedX Dover premium sponsor.

Female entrepreneurial Interviews on lady boss blogger featuring Tara & JaimeWhere is your business based?

Remote. We are based throughout the country but primarily in New York.

What were the first few steps you took to get your business up and running?

When we first started Savvy Sisters, the first thing we did was create a social presence. Once we established that, we went door to door in local neighborhoods cold calling potential clients to ask if they needed our services.

How It Grew ladybossblogger interview series on female entrepreneursWhat has been the most effective way of raising awareness of your business and getting new customers?

Engaging with others on social media. Word of mouth has always been the surest way to get people talking about you, and that word of mouth is heightened even more on social media. We try to talk to as many people as we can and connect with other like-minded people in the industry.

What have been your biggest challenges so far?

Determining our value. We are constantly learning from every experience, whether it be as simple as posting on social media or negotiating budgets with clients. For a long time we undervalued our services, because we were new to the game and were trying to make a name brand for ourselves. Along the way we were taken advantage of, and we put in way too much overtime.

How did you overcome these challenges?

Remembering that we are only human and respecting the work/life balance.

Female entrepreneurial Interviews on lady boss blogger featuring Tara & JaimeHow do you keep motivated through difficult times?

The Savvy Squad and our followers are our biggest motivation. Our team is always a great support system when we need help, and our followers are always there to inspire us!

How do you distinguish yourself from your competitors?

Our custom hands-on approach and our open communication style has you updated throughout the entire process, keeping engagement authentic.

Advice and Resources on ladybossblogger interview series on female entrepreneursWhat is the best advice you have received recently?

Don’t measure your success with someone else’s measuring stick.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

If you put the time in, you will succeed. Pivot, ask questions, network, do everything you can to learn about the problem, and adapt to the solution. Go all in.

Female entrepreneurial Interviews on lady boss blogger featuring Tara & JaimeWhat are your favorite business tools/resources and why?

Google drive and Google calendar.

What is a good article or book you have read recently?

Crushing It!: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence-and How You Can, Too by Gary Vaynerchuk.

The Next Steps ladybossblogger interview series on female entrepreneursWhat are you currently learning about for your business or looking for help with?

Growing our team. The foundation of your business is what helps you produce high quality results.

What are your goals for the next few months and how are you striving to achieve them?

We really want to kick our social strategy in high gear. We are going to sit down, make a strategic plan with the savvy squad, and start creating one-of-a-kind content for our followers.

How To Stay In Contact ladybossblogger interview series on female entrepreneursWhat social media outlets do you use? List them below.

Instagram @savvysistersmedia
Twitter @savvysistersmg
Facebook @savvysistersmedia
Pinterest @savvy_s
LinkedIn @savvysistersmedia

Female entrepreneurial Interviews on lady boss blogger featuring Tara & Jaime

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