Tameka Simmons Helps Women Show Up As The Best Version Of Their Authentic Selves

Tameka Simmons uses her Instagram to share her faith and journey as a young mother as well as inspire her audience through her own experiences.

1. When did you get on Instagram?

I started my Instagram page in March of 2019. However, I didn’t get serious about my presence on the platform until June of 2020.     

2. What topics do you post about?

On my page, I post about fashion, street chic outfit inspiration with a flair for luxe; lifestyle topics, mainly documenting my journey raising a teen as a young mother; and faith, spreading encouragement, love, and light to all who come across my page.

3. How did you decide to post about those topics?

When I started my page, there were two topics that came easy: fashion and faith.

I love luxury but didn’t always have the budget for it, so I wanted to show women that style and luxury is still attainable even on a budget.

My faith is a major part of my life and is a huge source of my strength and encouragement, and I want to share that with others. I was a bit hesitant in the beginning to share my life as a mother because I was a teen mom, but I now feel that it can be helpful to someone who may be navigating being a mom when you’re so close in age to your kid.

4. What steps did you take to make your Instagram account more appealing?

The biggest thing I can say I did to make my account more appealing is being my authentic self!

I don’t use a professional photographer, color aesthetics, and rarely do I use filters, so I can honestly say being true to who I am has helped my account appeal to my followers.

5. Which types of posts seem to get the most engagement for you?

My fashion posts, specifically my reels, seem to get the most engagement. I make them playful and fun, and my audience seems to love that. My posts encouraging others through faith perform well also.

6. How do you combine your faith with your Instagram account?

I combine my faith with my Instagram account by simply encouraging others through my own experiences, ensuring that whoever comes across my posts not only see a pretty picture, but leave my page feeling inspired and uplifted.


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