How To Use Tailwind’s Hashtag Finder

How To Use Tailwind's Hashtag Finder

Sick of copying and pasting your hashtags to every Instagram post and never truly updating them? Or maybe you aren’t using hashtags your marketing strategy yet.

The truth is if you aren’t using hashtags on your Instagram posts, or if you are using the wrong hashtags all together, you are missing out on the audiences you could be reaching.

Many people skip out on hashtags all-together, knowing that the research needed to find the most efficient and converting ones is a difficult process. But who said it had to be?

With all of this being said, we have a solution for you that is guaranteed to boost the views, likes, and engagement of your posts!

Tailwind’s Hashtag Finder

If you’re not already using Tailwind, you can read all about here!

But if you are not yet using the tailwind hashtag finder, you are in the right place. We hope after reading this that you are ready to start elevating your Instagram career to the next level!

What is the Tailwind hashtag finder?

Tailwind was the first platform to create an Instagram scheduler that also gives you related hashtags to use in your posts.

It’s as simple as its name: a hashtag finder.

You are not alone if you can honestly say that you have been avoiding hashtags because they just seem like too much work to research. Believe me, many people are in this place.

Hashtag finding can be hard since there is an algorithm to it which makes doing it yourself very difficult. That is what’s genius about Tailwind: they know this process is gruesome so they created a solution for it!

Why use it?

Why are hashtags so important? Why do I need to use them? Or maybe, why would my posts benefit from hashtags?

All great questions, all-important to learning. In terms of giving you the simplest reason to include hashtags, my answer would be brand awareness.

As with so many other apps, websites, and platforms, brand awareness is often times the key to a successful business. I mean think about it, all and any type of interaction comes after someone has discovered your brand.

In order to have leads and prospective customers, reoccurring readers, and ultimately loyal fans your brand must first be known to these people.

While that answer seems deeper than a hashtag, the point is to get your posts out there. Get your brand out there. Get your name out there so that people can join the incredible empire you’re building!

Below are some reasons that EVERYONE should be using hashtags to grow their brand awareness:

1. Reach larger audiences:

When people are searching for specific content on the explore page, the results they yield are going to be ones found through hashtags, if your posts have no hashtags, they will not (and can not) be discovered.

Hashtags are how your posts get found, simple as that.

2. Filter your posts:

Depending on the depth and breadth of your hashtags, users will be able to find your posts based on their searches if your hashtags align with what they’re looking for.

Again, not having hashtags will prevent people from being able to see the content you are creating and sharing.

3. Engagement!:

This one is a no-brainer – the more relevant hashtags you involve in your posts, the more likes, and comments you’ll be getting!

By using hashtags, you are guaranteeing that your posts are at least searchable, the actual viewing of your posts is up to what users are searching for – that’s why you must have the hashtags that are going to get the most attention (in comes the hashtag finder:).

4. Keyword knowledge:

Now this one is a skill you will naturally learn after using this app for a while, but after several instances of picking through hashtags for specific posts, you will begin to learn what words are popular in terms of getting a reader’s’ attention.

This is a great skill to have when creating blog titles, graphics, and headings!

How To Use It

Head over to Tailwind and you’ll be asked to log in with Instagram. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll receive a link prompting you to download the mobile app.

You’ll be walked through when your best times to post are, and then take a tour to see how simple scheduling and hashtag-finding is with Tailwind!

When scheduling and creating Instagram posts in Tailwind, the system automatically generates hashtags as you are typing your caption. Even as you click on certain ones to include, more hashtags are updated according to what you are going for.

They even created a color-coded system designed to direct you towards the hashtags that will be best for your post, meaning, keeping you away from competitive or niche hashtags that will prevent your post from being viewed as easily.  

Extra Tips:

  • Shuffling: You can shuffle the hashtag suggestions they provide you with if you are wanting new or different results
  • Usage: Hover over each hashtag to see how much a given hashtag is used/ its popularity  
  • They guarantee you won’t exceed the 30 hashtag maximum
  • Lists: You can create and save hashtag lists for faster captioning when creating similar posts in order to make your captioning as fast and simple as possible

Again, maybe you’ve been using hashtags for years with amazing success but are looking for a boost or change in views that you haven’t seen in a while or maybe you’ve never used hashtags and you’re here to see what all the hype is about. Regardless, you will find success with Tailwind’s hashtag finder.

We hope this post inspires you to get connected with Tailwind and start (or continue) your journey with hashtagging and post scheduling. Tailwind makes this process stress-free and easy to navigate!

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