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How To Start A Successful Hair & Beauty Salon

With the hair and beauty market growing exponentially every day, it’s difficult for a small business to stand out from the crowd and compete. It’s not just the surge in salon competition either – business taxes, labor, and supply costs are increasing as well. For the small hair and beauty business entrepreneur, it’s not necessarily …

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Gigi McMillan Approaches Style From The Inside Out

Gigi McMillan is a fabulous and fierce go-getter entrepreneur who decided to bet on herself 4 years ago after a life-changing experience. She has now taken charge of her future and is moving up the ladder of success. If you ask her, she will say “winning is in my crosshairs” and nothing less will do. As a personal style …

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Brittney Powell Styles Celebrities To The Everyday Working Girl

Brittney Powell is a Kansas City native who resides in Montgomery, AL. She is the mother of two girls, who have always inspired her business endeavors. As the creator of Kay Couture Clothing and Cosmetics, it was her oldest daughter Katelyn who inspired the name with her sweet but sassy personality. Kay Couture’s clothing has …

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Roberta Lee Inspires And Develops Confidence In Women

Roberta Lee is the founder of Roberta Style Lee and the Ethical A-Z Brand Directory. She’s a confidence coach, a sustainable personal stylist, a podcast host, and a speaker. She empowers women to embrace their beauty and step into their most confident selves using the power of good health, positivity and personal style. What motivated …

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Maegan Watson Helps You Feel The Way You Want And Love The Way You Look

Maegan Watson is a personal stylist and founder at Watson Style Group, a firm dedicated to helping you feel the way you want and love the way you look. She has nearly a decade of experience supporting amazing individuals and building their life-transforming wardrobes. Watson solves the unending question of “what should I wear today?”, …

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Chantera Gunn Lives For The Fashion Moments When Her Clients’ Look In The Mirror And Love The Person Looking Back

Chantera Gunn of “The Style Gunn” is a Sacramento based Wardrobe Stylist. A single mother of three, she took a leap of faith to pursue her passion to positively impact her client’s perceptions about their ever changing personal style. She lives for those fashion AH HA moments when her clients look in the mirror and LOVE …

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Regina Helton Desires To Fashionably Inspire One Real Post At A Time

Regina Helton is the face of the Life & Style blog, The Every Day Mix. Regina is a former boutique owner with a love for the business side of style and fashion. She has spent the past several years involved in the areas of fashion, style, small business marketing, and pre-loved resale, including vintage and …

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Ashley Odom Not Only Grooms Your Pet, She Can Also Safely Tattoo Them, Color Their Hair, Paint Their Nails, And Give Them Feather Extensions!

Diamonds in the Ruff was founded by Master Groomer, Ashley Odom; with over 9 years of experience in the grooming industry and a strong passion for enhancing the beauty of pets. Ashley strives to create an environment where both the pet and pet parent can enjoy a trip to the grooming salon without feeling apprehensive. …

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Fashion Interviews

Jasmene Bowdry Dresses Stylish Go-Getters, Sophisticated Corporate Climbers And Trendsetting Influencers

Launched in 2015 by retail buyer and fashion stylist Jasmene Bowdry, BellaRosa Boutique was created with one goal in mind – to provide that extra boost of confidence every woman needs to step out into the world, no matter her personal style. Jasmene is a successful retail buyer and fashion stylist with over 10 years …

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Katie Schuppler Provides Personal Shopping, Closet Clean Outs, E-styling And Personalized Look Book Services

Katie Schuppler has been a Personal Style Consultant and Style Blogger for her business, KS Style Consulting in Chicago for over five years. She worked in retail for seven years prior to starting her business, three years at Victoria’s Secret and four as a Style Director at Fred Boutique in Milwaukee. Katie attended Mount Mary …

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