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How To Become An Industry Leader

Whether you’ve just launched a new business or have been in the game for years, everyone wants to be the best, and establishing your place as an industry leader is the ultimate way to do it. Gaining that reputation will open the doors to sustained success, which is something all entrepreneurs crave. So how can …

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5 Techniques To Become A More Productive Boss

As a business owner, one of your primary goals is to ensure that every single employee you have working for you is at their most productive as often as possible. We all know that productivity opens the door for a better business, more revenue, and higher profit margins. But, in your quest to get every …

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How To Protect Your Business’s Most Important Commodity

What is your business’s most important commodity? Is it your product? Is it your customers? Or is it something you can’t even physically touch? Some would say that your brand is perhaps your most important commodity, but anyone who has been in business for some time will give you the exact same answer to this …

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How To Get Your Business In Front Of Potential Customers

Exposing and growing your business can be especially difficult if you aren’t paying close attention to new major trends. If you don’t have a social media manager that is capable of scouring the internet to determine what the latest fads are and how you can take advantage of it, then your business is going to …

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Hillary Berman Builds Strong, Customer-Centric Marketing Foundations For Companies

Hillary Berman is the founder of Popcorn & Ice Cream, a Washington, DC-based marketing consulting firm focused on small businesses and start-ups, the author of “Customer, LLC: The Small Business Guide to Customer Engagement & Marketing”, and a Google Small Business Advisor. Hillary brings experience working in and for businesses of varying sizes to her …

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Gidget Pugh Makes Small Businesses Look Like Fortune 500 Companies Through Strategic Marketing

Empowered by her passion for digital sales and marketing, Gidget Pugh founded Socially Focused; a digital marketing firm providing local business owners with cutting edge marketing strategies to compete with the aggressiveness of a Fortune-500 company in this rapidly growing world of digital marketing. Read our interview with the lovely Gidget below… What motivated and …

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Connie Graves Designs Incredibly Intricate Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklaces

Connie Graves has always had an incredibly creative side and finally decided this past year start selling all the different things she has created. She focused primarily on jewelry but also does custom reclaimed wood art and photography. In addition to having a passion for art, she is also an animal lover, a dancer and …

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Sylvia Inks Educates Entrepreneurs How To Manage Their Money And Build A Profitable Business

Sylvia Inks knew she had a gift in financial management and wanted to share her knowledge with small business owners so that motivated, but financially illiterate, entrepreneurs wouldn’t have to close their businesses due to mistakes that could have been avoided. Read our interview with the lovely Sylvia below… What motivated and inspired you to start your …

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